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Power outages persist in North Carolina after armed attacks on substations

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 05.12.2022

40,000 people were left without electricity in the state of North Carolina (USA) after unknown persons fired at two substations with firearms.

The incidents occurred on Saturday evening. In Moore County, the most severely affected by the incident, a state of emergency has been declared and a curfew has been imposed from 9 p.m. on Sunday to 5 a.m. on Monday, the district's schools will be closed on Monday.

Duke Energy said that "several pieces of equipment" were damaged as a result of the attack and needed to be replaced. The company warned that power outages could last several days.

Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields explained at a press conference on Sunday that the attack looked like this: "Someone drove up and opened fire on the substation, the same with another one."

The incident is being investigated. To date, no one has claimed responsibility for what happened.

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