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NuScale - waste controversy

This time, a group of authors acted as critics, among whom stands out Allison M...

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant - last attempt

The authorities of the state of Michigan (USA) are looking for ways to avoid the closure of the Palisades nuclear power plant in the hope of saving hundreds of jobs...

USA - uranium and list

The U...

NRC withdraws 80-year extensions for four units

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has withdrawn its early decisions to extend operating licenses to 80 years for units No...

Siegfried Hecker: we are doomed to cooperate

LEU for U.S. tritium: rethinking agreements

LEU for U.S. tritium: DoE plans

LEU for U.S. tritium: enrichment plants in the USA

Hero of the day

Unit 2 of Belarus NPP has reached minimum controllable power level

Unit 2 of Belarus NPP has reached minimum controllable power level

On March 25, the reactor of Power Unit 2 of Belarus NPP (general designer and general contractor is Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division) was brought to minimum controllable power level. At 19:42 (Moscow time), the neutron flux was registered for the first time, and controlled self-sustained nuclear reactor began.



The secondary sources are already helping to reduce the consumption of natural uranium for the operation of nuclear power plants, but the main breakthrough in the efficiency of uranium use is expected after the widespread introduction of the closed nuclear fuel cycle (NFC).



The 12th ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum took place in Sochi (Russia) on 21-22 November. Over 3,000 guests, including businesspeople, government agencies, and international organisations, from Russia and 65 other countries attended the event.