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Shelf-M - Russian SMR

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 29.11.2022

On November 21-22, the XII International Forum ATOMEXPO-2022 was held at the Sirius Center in Sochi. The forum was attended by over 3,000 specialists and guests from Russia, as well as 65 countries of the near and far abroad: representatives of business, government agencies, international organizations.


Shelf-M model (c) Vyacheslav Balakin (AtomInfo.Ru).
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In the exhibition exposition of Rosatom, much attention was paid to Russian projects of small reactors in floating and land-based design. One of the ground-based projects is the well-known Shelf-M SMR, developed by NIKIET specialists.

The electric capacity of Shelf-M is up to 10 MWe, thermal capacity is 35 MWt. Core cooling is traditional, a unified design of an integrated water-water reactor is used.

The entire installation is located in a protected capsule, while no radiation or nuclear hazardous work is planned at the site. The fuel lifetime is six years old. Uranium dioxide dispersed in a silumin matrix is used as fuel.

In the future, the capsule with the Shelf-M reactor unit will be completely factory-made one, that is, the unit is manufactured and assembled at the manufacturer, and not at the site.

Maintenance of the SMR will also take place at a specialized plant, which eliminates the need for access to the reactor zone at the site, significantly reduces the requirements for the site and eliminates nuclear hazardous work at the site.

Moreover, it is possible that in the future Shelf-M will become completely autonomous.

The dimensions of the Shelf-M SMR are as follows: length 11 meters, diameter (height) 8 meters. The weight of the reactor module prepared for operation is 370 tons.

The service life of the reactor is 60 years. It is possible that during this time the SMR will change several consumers, it can be moved from place to place, for example, by sea on a barge.

The presence of a cooling pond at the Shelf-M placement site is not required. This is an important advantage of the project from the point of view of export prospects, since many foreign customers set strict requirements for the temperature of the water drained into the cooling reservoir.

But before exporting, the developers of the Shelf-M SMR must first go all the way from paper to iron at home in Russia.

By the end of 2023, the site for the placement of the head unit will be determined. It is assumed that the site will be chosen in the Russian Arctic zone. In parallel, NIKIET will work on a technical project. If everything goes according to plan, then by 2030 the head ASMM Shelf-M plant will be put into pilot operation.

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Over 3000 Attend ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum

Over 3000 Attend ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum

The 12th ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum took place in Sochi (Russia) on 21-22 November. Over 3,000 guests, including businesspeople, government agencies, and international organisations, from Russia and 65 other countries attended the event.


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Zhao Xuelin,<br>Wang Ying

Zhao Xuelin,
Wang Ying

The nuclear submarine cooperation among the US, the UK and Australia relates to the integrity, validity and authority of NPT, and the related safeguards concern the interests of all IAEA members.