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VVER and its future

Russia has adopted a strategy providing for the formation of two-component nuclear power with fast and thermal reactors...

Rosatom starts construction of unique power unit with BREST-OD-300 fast neutron reactor

The construction of a 300 MW nuclear power unit with an innovative lead coolant BREST-OD-300 fast reactor has begun at the site of the Siberian Chemical Combine (an enterprise of Rosatom-subsidiary TVEL Fuel Company) in Seversk, Tomsk region (South-West Siberia)...

Unit 6 of Leningrad NPP commissioned for commercial operation

On March 22, 2021, VVER-1200 reactor-enabled Unit 6 was commissioned at the Leningrad NPP...

Leningrad NPP Unit 6 Connected to Grid, Delivers First Electricity to Russian Power System

This is a significant event, both for the power unit itself and for the country...

The second stage of the lead universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika sea trials is completed

The first nuclear reaction has been recorded at unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2

Leningrad NPP-2 Unit 2 Successfully Passes WANO Pre-start-up Peer Review

Fuel Loading Starts at Power Unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2

ROSATOM takes part in SPIEF-2022

Young Rosatom scientists discuss research on materials and nuclear fuel at the SSC RIAR

Installation of steam generators has been completed at Kursk NPP-2 power unit 1

The Rosatom Engineering Division has Participated in the 7th DIRB-2022 Conference

China and Russia have submitted to the IAEA a list of technical issues on Japanese plans to drain Fukushima contaminated water into the ocean

Reactor was started on the Ural nuclear icebreaker

Research Institute of Atomic Reactors has once again confirmed the status of the state scientific center

ROSATOM starts irradiation of the new ATF fuel matrix

Neitronika-2022 will be held from May 31 to June 3, 2022 in Obninsk

Polar Crane has been Put in Operation at Kursk NPP-2 Unit 1

A conference of young specialists started at OKB Gidropress

Data processing center Arctic will be built at the Kola NPP

Specialists of SSC RIAR have successfully completed the modernization of the VK-50 reactor

Tomsk Polytechnic University hosted a ROSATOM Career Day for international students

Rusatom Overseas and Air Liquide completed a feasibility study for the construction of a hydrogen production complex on Sakhalin Island

ROSATOM Infrastructure Solutions Acquires Controlling Interest in Quadra Power

First REMIX fuel assemblies loaded at Balakovo NPP

441 nuclear units are operating in the world, 52 units are under construction

NovaWind starts supplying green electricity to Sibanthracite Group

Rosatom starts ATF operation in a commercial reactor

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Hero of the day

First Concrete laid at Xudapu NPP Power Unit 4 in China

First Concrete laid at Xudapu NPP Power Unit 4 in China

First concrete ceremony has taken place at Xudapu NPP Unit 4 constructed under the Russian VVER-1200 design. The construction has reached its active phase. Xudapu NPP Unit 3 is also in the active stage of construction.


FR22 concluded its work

FR22 concluded its work
The International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future (FR22) concluded its work at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna.



Russia has adopted a strategy providing for the formation of two-component nuclear power with fast and thermal reactors. And this means that the VVER technology will remain in our country.