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Forum ATOMEXPO-2024 became a record-breaking event in number of participating countries and signed agreements

On March 26, 2024, the two-day International Forum ATOMEXPO-2024, one of the largest events in the global nuclear industry, completed its work at the Sirius University of Science and Technology (Sirius Federal Territory, Sochi)...

Main construction stage started at Leningrad NPP Unit 7

First concrete was laid in the foundation of the reactor building of Unit 7 with a VVER-1200 reactor at the construction site of new power units of Leningrad NPP (a branch of Rosenergoatom, Electric Power Division of ROSATOM)...

ROSATOM plans to construct SHELF-M reactor plant in Chukotka

ROSATOM and the Government of Chukotka have signed an agreement to collaborate on the implementation of a small nuclear power plant project in the region based on the latest Russian SHELF-M reactor plant...

ROSATOM obtained a license for the first land-based SMR in Russia

ROSATOM installs vessel of MBIR research reactor in design position

AtomExpo-2022: electric propulsion as a new paradigm

Shelf-M - Russian SMR

Fuel loading at the first unit of Kursk NPP-2 is scheduled for November 2024

Theoretical ban on the sale of uranium in the United States will not cause problems for Russia - Likhachev

Beloyarsk NPP actively attracts young specialists

The next rotation of the IAEA mission observers took place at the Zaporozhye NPP

IAEA Board of Governors will hold an extraordinary meeting due to the attacks on the Zaporozhye NPP

415 nuclear units are operating in the world, 58 units are under construction

International graduates of Russian universities gathered at ATOMEXPO

ROSATOM starts testing of unique equipment for BREST-OD-300 nitride fuel fabrication

Another round of interdepartmental consultations between Russia and the IAEA takes place in Sochi

ROSATOM will be the general partner of the World Youth Festival in 2024

At the fourth block of the Rostov NPP, the backup diesel power plant was modernized

Rosenergoatom received operator status for Ust-Kuiga small plant

Grossi will visit Russia and Ukraine in the next ten days

Smolensk NPP hired more than 170 new employees in 2023

Rosatom starts installation of the BREST-OD-300 4th generation reactor

Severe frosts did not affect the stable operation of Russian nuclear power plants

Historical record of the Northern Sea Route: the cargo carriage volume in 2023 exceeded 36.254 mln. tons

Next rotation of the IAEA mission observers took place at Zaporizhia NPP

ATOMEXPO-2024 Forum will take place on March, 25-26 in Sochi

Rosenergoatom has received licenses from Rostechnadzor for the construction of units No. 7 and No. 8 of the Leningrad NPP

All news for Russia

Hero of the day

Russian regulator issues the license of operation of the fuel fabrication facility for BREST-OD-300 reactor

Russian regulator issues the license of operation of the fuel fabrication facility for BREST-OD-300 reactor

The Fabrication/Refabrication Unit is facility of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEC), which is under construction in Seversk under the strategic "Proryv" (or "the Breakthrough" project).



Ma Wenjun also emphasized that CNNC has consistently upheld an open and collaborative approach, hoping to work together with international counterparts to accelerate the development of nuclear energy, contributing to addressing challenges such as climate change and nuclear safety.


Han Yongjiang

Han Yongjiang
To develop the new quality productive forces, it is necessary to carry out reforms to eliminate obstacles to development. In 2023, CNNC adjusted the ownership of some of its subsidiaries and formed a unified industrial platform, aiming to promote the development of the nuclear technology application industry.