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Leningrad NPP: in Russia Day the new super powerful unit with VVER-1200 reactor was put at 100% power for the first time

Information and PR department of Leningrad NPP, PUBLISHED 20.06.2018

On 12 June the innovative power unit No 1 of Leningrad NPP-2 (with VVER-1200 reactor) was put at full design capacity for the first time.

The key event was held in accordance with the schedule, the program of pilot and industrial operation and the requirements of working technical specifications.

The program of complex testing at 90% capacity was completed at the power unit the day before: 8 carried out tests showed that the power unit operates reliably, safely, and steady.

"The unit works steadily at the nominal capacity level, and one can consider this as another working present of Leningrad NPP personnel for one of the main holidays of the country - Russia Day. During two and a half months we have successfully taken all capacity levels of the reactor unit and the increase up to 100% has also been carried out under normal conditions", the Chief Engineer of Leningrad NPP-2 Aleksandr Belyaev confirmed.

"Today all the parameters of the power unit correspond to the operational limits for reactor, turbine, generator and scheme of power distribution. In total 73 tests - 10 of which have already been completed and 18 are in progress - will be carried out at the reactor unit capacity of 100%. It is to be noted that a part of tests - the preliminary dynamic tests planned to be carried out at 100% capacity - had already been carried out at 75% capacity that is why we consider that the forthcoming testing of the equipment and technological systems will also be carried out successfully and will be completed on schedule."

The program of the preliminary 15-day trial has to confirm for good that the equipment and technological systems work in a full accordance with the design. After that the new super powerful Leningrad NPP power unit No 1 with VVER-1200 reactor will be put into industrial operation. It is planned that this key event for the industry and the country in general will be done till the end of this year.

As on 14 June Leningrad NPP power unit No 1 with VVER-1200 reactor that is in its final stage of commissioning has generated more than 856 million kilowatt-hours of electric energy into the unified energy system of North-West.

"According to the preliminary assessment after it is put in industrial operation, the economic effect in a form of the additional taxes to the consolidated budget of Leningrad Oblast will be more than 3 billion rubles (on a year-on-year basis)", LNPP Manager Vladimir Pereguda noted.

New capacities have already provided the high level of the country's energy security, they allow to continue the implementation of a number of big regional investment projects that need a significant energy use, as well as contribute to the growth,

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Hero of the day

William D. Magwood, IV: it was a great trip for me

William D. Magwood, IV: it was a great trip for me

It has been a great trip for me. I learned more about what the Russian organizations are doing. We saw some new opportunities for cooperation and also I heard about some activities I would like to learn more about.


Vladimir Kriventsev

Vladimir Kriventsev
Actually, the duration of the NAPRO project will be five years. It was started in 2013 and it shall be completed in 2018. The NAPRO CRP attracted a lot of participants. And here I would like to thank Argonne National Laboratory, which is a very good contributor. I have to mention also the important contribution of the Obninsk IPPE for the part of the project concerning the thermalhydraulic data.


Siegfried Hecker

Siegfried Hecker
When I look at the past, I've always thought that cooperation was extremely important.My feeling is that we did a lot of good; there were a lot of benefits to both countries. It's often not appreciated that it was actually beneficial to both countries. Itis unfortunate that it came pretty much to an end between U.S. and Russia.


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