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Unit 6 of Leningrad NPP commissioned for commercial operation

On March 22, 2021, VVER-1200 reactor-enabled Unit 6 was commissioned at the Leningrad NPP...

Leningrad NPP Unit 6 Connected to Grid, Delivers First Electricity to Russian Power System

This is a significant event, both for the power unit itself and for the country...

The first nuclear reaction has been recorded at unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2

The final stage of the physical launch for the newest VVER-1200 2th power block has been launched at Leningrad NPP-2 (a part of the electric power division of ROSATOM)...

Leningrad NPP-2 Unit 2 Successfully Passes WANO Pre-start-up Peer Review

Experts of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Moscow Centre have completed a pre-start-up peer review of the Leningrad NPP-2 Unit 2...

Fuel Loading Starts at Power Unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2

Rosenergoatom has received licenses from Rostechnadzor for the construction of units No. 7 and No. 8 of the Leningrad NPP

In Sosnovy Bor, the keys to the new housing were handed over to the servicemen serving on the protection of the Leningrad NPP

Leningrad NPP has received permission to produce lutetium-177

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442 nuclear units are operating in the world, 53 units are under construction

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Leningrad NPP: Test Tubine Launch Took Place at Unit 6

453 nuclear units are operating in the world

Leningrad NPP-2: Rostekhnadzor gave permission for operation of the powerplant of the super powerful innovative power unit No 1 with VVER-1200 reactor

VVER-1200 power unit No 1 of Leningrad NPP has successfully passed the final test and is ready for commissioning

Leningrad NPP: the assembly of the turbine island main equipment has been completed at the construction site of the innovative power unit No 2

Leningrad NPP: in Russia Day the new super powerful unit with VVER-1200 reactor was put at 100% power for the first time

The fourth unit of Leningrad NPP shutdown for a short-term repair

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Hero of the day

ROSATOM completed production of RITM-200 for Chukotka icebreaker

ROSATOM completed production of RITM-200 for Chukotka icebreaker

This is the last reactor that the company is manufacturing under the valid contract for the supply of power units for the new generation nuclear-powered ships. After having been prepared for transportation, the reactor will be delivered to the Baltic Plant.



Ma Wenjun also emphasized that CNNC has consistently upheld an open and collaborative approach, hoping to work together with international counterparts to accelerate the development of nuclear energy, contributing to addressing challenges such as climate change and nuclear safety.



It provided an opportunity for senior leaders in the industry globally to come together to network and build relationships with their peers, discuss the progress of the global industry improvement initiative, Action for Excellence - Shaping the Nuclear Future (AfE), and take necessary actions towards improving industry performance worldwide.