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International graduates of Russian universities gathered at ATOMEXPO

Press service of Atomexpo JSC, PUBLISHED 01.04.2024

In the framework of the ATOMEXPO International Forum much attention was focused at the development of interaction with the international Alumni of the Russian universities who received education in the field of nuclear and related technologies. The session with the participation of the Rosatom partner universities graduates "Green Technologies for the younger generation" was devoted to this topic.

It was attended by Dr. Tran Chi Thanh, President of the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute; Pavel Shevtsov, Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo; Tatiana Terentyeva, Deputy Director General for Human Resources of Rosatom; Egor Kvyatkovskiy, Deputy Director General of Rusatom - International Network; Ruhinda Alexis, HR-Director General of Rwanda Atomic Energy Board, and other speakers.

Tatyana Terentyeva addressed the meeting participants with a welcoming speech. She noted that Rosatom's experience, knowledge and leadership in the global market allow State Corporation to export partners not only with high technologies, but also with education.

Rosatom trains personnel for facilities under construction in the country, and also trains foreign students at Russian universities in nuclear and related specialties. Today, more than 2,000 foreign students from 65 countries study there through the State Corporation.

Following this, according to Tatyana Terentyeva, Rosatom pays special attention to working with graduates: it develops on the basis of the university community, creates Career Centers, offers advanced training programs, conducts activities for career guidance and adaptation of foreign students to future work, and promotes their successful employment.

"For us, foreign graduates are not only valuable personnel potential for the national nuclear programs of partner countries. These are people who are well acquainted with nuclear technology and the culture of our country. All this, in the traditional calculation, ensures mutual understanding between countries and other states and is for future cooperation in the implementation of projects," she said.

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Hero of the day

Forum ATOMEXPO-2024 became a record-breaking event in number of participating countries and signed agreements

Forum ATOMEXPO-2024 became a record-breaking event in number of participating countries and signed agreements

The Forum, which became the 13th one, set a record in terms of the number of participants - about 4,500 from 75 countries (ten greater than in 2022). The event was honored by the presence of representatives of business, government agencies, and international organizations.



Ma Wenjun also emphasized that CNNC has consistently upheld an open and collaborative approach, hoping to work together with international counterparts to accelerate the development of nuclear energy, contributing to addressing challenges such as climate change and nuclear safety.


Han Yongjiang

Han Yongjiang
To develop the new quality productive forces, it is necessary to carry out reforms to eliminate obstacles to development. In 2023, CNNC adjusted the ownership of some of its subsidiaries and formed a unified industrial platform, aiming to promote the development of the nuclear technology application industry.