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Three operators can manage plants with 12 NuScale reactors

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 22.06.2020

The NuScale Power revised its shift composition for the NuScale small nuclear power plant.

The document submitted to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission on June 11, 2020 states that the minimum shift composition for a complete nuclear power plant (12 modules with low-power NuScale reactors) can be formed from only three licensed operators.

Previously, the company believed that at least six operators should be in the shift, of which three were SRO levels. It was also assumed that the composition of the shift would not depend on the number of modules at the plant - that is, six operators should be in the shift even if only one NuScale module was installed at the station.

In the new minimum shift, there is one operator of the SRO level, acting as a control room supervisor, or shift supervisor with extended privileges.

Also, two operators are included in the shift, at least one of which must have an SRO license. A third operator only needs to have a less restrictive RO license.

NuScale Power also set an allowable time during which for some reason there may be less than three operators per shift. In such cases, no more than two hours are allotted to restore the composition of the shift.

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