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Fuel loading began on Rostov-3

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 14.11.2014

The first fuel assemblies are loading into the reactor core of third unit of the Rostov NPP.

During the loading, the reactor parameters would be determined, which is necessary to start the unit operation.

The decision about the unit readiness to the first criticality was made on the basis of regulatory inspection.

The completion of the unit is going ahead of schedule.

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For us, products made by Ukrainian manufacturers are very important.

Hero of the day

Nuclear Veterans for the Future

Nuclear Veterans for the Future

Whom should we call veterans? It is a good question. At present, we are shifting the center of gravity to persons being prepared for retirement. They still have powder in the powder-horns, they worked under market conditions, and we are going to involve them in the veteran movement.


Victor Murogov

Victor Murogov
The dual-use nature of nuclear technology consisting in the potential for its application equally in peaceful and military sphere is the basic contradiction for the existing nuclear nonproliferation regime and comprehensive development of the nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle.


Drones over France

Drones over France
The French public is agitated. The unknown drones are flying over the French nuclear power stations. Although it does not represent the immediate threat to the NPP, the very fact of the flights and the anonymity of drone owners cause to suspect even the worst.


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