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Russia Planning 3 Advanced Fast-Breeder Reactors at Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant by 2030

RIA Novosti, PUBLISHED 23.07.2014

Three nuclear power units with fast-breeder BN-1200 reactors are to be launched at Russias Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in the Urals by 2030, the chief of the countrys nuclear plant operator Rosenergoatom said Tuesday.

In an announcement reported by the Beloyarsk NPPs press office, Rosenergoatom CEO Yevgeny Romanov said that Beloyarsks fifth power unit will be the first in line to get a next-generation reactor installed on-site to enable a closed nuclear fuel cycle.

Fast breeders, such as the cutting-edge BN-1200, a 1200-megawatt reactor, use a liquid metal heat-transfer agent as a coolant. Russia believes they herald a new era in nuclear power engineering.

Such reactors will significantly minimize radioactive waste and expand the range of fuel used at NPPs. Very few countries have this technology, and Russia is the only one to operate a fast breeder reactor.

In June, Russias nuclear plant operator announced the launch of controlled nuclear fission at the BN-800 breeder reactor, which is considered a prototype of the BH-1200. It is expected to reach the target energy output of 880 megawatts in October.

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