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Russia launches fourth unit at Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant

RIA Novosti, PUBLISHED December 13, 2011

Unit 4 of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant in central Russia went online on Monday in the presence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The unit with a total power of 1,000 MW will be operated at half capacity for the time being.

Its construction began in 2007 and cost 70 million rubles (about $3.5 million).

The NPP is located in the Tver region, 350 kilometers from Moscow. Units 1 and 2, 1,000 MW each, were built in 1984 and 1986. Unit 3 was launched in 2004.

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Georgy Toshinsky

Georgy Toshinsky: Booming as a Driving Force to Trade (Reactors?)

Not quite so. The authors of the concept, which was difficult to be realized in practice, turned to a clearer concept of a standing wave reactor (TP-1) that in principle allows finding the solution to the tasks stated for TWRs.


Alexander Chistozvonov

Alexander Chistozvonov
Today, the army of managers is earnestly believing that one can take the man responsible for the licensing of alcoholic beverages, and put it on licensing, and even to supervise the nuclear reactor.


Vessela Vaneva

Vessela Vaneva
Belene is still under discussion but its vessel would start work soon. The Russians uprgrade the Belene NPP design into III+ Generation. The old Czech vessel has been transferred to Russia's Kalinin NPP, 320 km north from Moscow.


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