ommuniqu of the Round Table

ommuniqu of the Round Table, PUBLISHED June 22, 2010

ommuniqu of the Round Table "Prospects of International Cooperation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle", (Moscow, June 9, 2010).

Participants of the Round Table have discussed actual problems related to international cooperation and guaranteed supplies of nuclear fuel for the NPPs in operation as well as for those being built or planned for the future construction.

1. Participants of the Round Table are sure that atomic generation is the most promising source of ecologicaly clean energy. That is the reason why today the world is awaiting for the nuclear renaissance through extensive construction of new NPPs.

2. Extensive construction of new NPP's, including the countries not having experience in nuclear energy, draws to widen the geography of nuclear power markets.

3. At present overcapacity is observed in the nuclear fuel cycle in certain regions while other regions experience lack of capacity, which puts the focus on the of security of nuclear fuel supply, as one of the most critical issues, while being a crucial factor for a safe NPP operation.

4. Participants of the Round Table came to the conclusion, that the international cooperation in nuclear fuel cycle aggregating the efforts of the fuel market participants can become a substantial contribution to the security of nuclear fuel supply and safe operation of nuclear power plants.

5. During the Round Table discussion the mutual use of the fuel production capacities possessed by the market participants was considered reasonable for fulfillment of the present and future commitments. The participants of the Round Table affirmed their willingness to implement such projects in the future.

6. The participants of the Round Table notified the positive influence of forming the Fuel Company TVEL on the prospects of international cooperation in nuclear fuel cycle.

7. Joint R&D in the area of nuclear fuel production, aimed at enhancing safety, is considered an important direction of international cooperation.

8. Forum ATOMEXPO-2010 is highly appraised by the participants of the Round Table, as the platform for discussing and realizing important directions of world nuclear industry development.

Approved by majority of the votes.

June 9, 2010.

Topics: NFC, TVEL

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Christophe Behar

Christophe Behar
We are preparing now a review of these design options and the decision has to be made in 2012, by the public authorities. ASTRID basic and detailed design will be launched afterwards.



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