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Eurostat - data for 2021

The Eurostat (statistical service of the European Union) has updated data on the state of the nuclear industry in the EU countries, taking into account the results of 2021...

TVEL unveils new fuel solutions for the Indian market

In 2022, TVEL started exports of the more advanced TVS-2M fuel to India, instead of the UTVS model, previously supplied to Kudankulam...

Rosatom starts supplies of nuclear fuel for CFR-600 fast reactor

Elemash Machine-building Plant, a fuel fabrication enterprise of Rosatom TVEL Fuel Company, has dispatched the first batch of nuclear fuel to China for the CFR-600 fast neutron reactor...

Nuclear fuel elements for Chinese HTGR shipped

On January 9, the first batch of products from the world first industrial-scale high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) nuclear fuel element production line, which was fully developed by China, was shipped from the North Nuclear Fuel Element Co Ltd of the China National Nuclear Corporation ...

TVEL will introduce new fuel and extended fuel cycle at Kudankulam NPP

Rosatom starts equipment installation at the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex within the Proryv project

TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM Inks Fuel Contract for Xudapu NPP New Units

LEU for U.S. tritium: rethinking agreements

Hero of the day

Core module of Linglong One is in place

Core module of Linglong One is in place

Pressure vessel, evaporator and other key equipment were installed in one step, marking the peak phase of Linglong One's installation.



The secondary sources are already helping to reduce the consumption of natural uranium for the operation of nuclear power plants, but the main breakthrough in the efficiency of uranium use is expected after the widespread introduction of the closed nuclear fuel cycle (NFC).



In addition, the government instructed the Ministry of Energy to take steps to cancel the procedure for selecting a strategic investor for the Belene NPP, announced by the National Electric Company (NEC) of Bulgaria.