Moscow held Russian-Turkish business forum

Leading politicians, economists and businessmen of both countries took part in Russian-Turkish business forum, which was held in Moscow on February 12-15. The most significant issues of Russian-Turkish cooperation, including nuclear power engineering, were discussed within the framework of the forum.

Mr. Timur Ivanov, the First Vice-president of Atomstroyexport JSC, made the presentation "NPP construction in Turkey is one of the prerequisites of economy's sustainable development" at the forum. In his presentation Mr. Ivanov reviewed particular features of legal framework of nuclear power engineering in Turkey, conditions of the tender on constructing the first Turkish NPP, "AES-2006" project, proposed by the Russian party.

In particular in his presentation Mr. Timur Ivanov observed: "The activity of the Russian-Turkish Consortium, created to promote Russian technologies of constructing NPP to the Turkish market, enjoys the support of the Russian Federation and is of great importance not only for Turkey, but for Russia as well. The use of nuclear power engineering will allow to increase the welfare of the Turkey's population and continue sustainable growth of the country's economy"

Mr. Timur Ivanov, the first Vice-president of Atomstroyexport emphasized "NPP construction in Turkey according to Russian technologies on terms proposed at the conducted tender will create the precedent of successful use of BOO (Build-Own-Operate) - private financing scheme of nuclear power facilities, when the state guarantees only the purchase of energy. This experience can be used later in other projects in third countries."

The first NPP in Turkey is planned to be constructed next to the Mediterranean port of Mersin (the district of Akkuyu). The tender bid made by the Consortium, which includes Atomstroyexport JSC, Inter RAO UES and the Turkish company Park Teknik, includes the construction of four VVER reactors with the capacity of 1200 MW each according to the Russian project "AES-2006". 13 world leading companies participated in the first stage of the tender in September 2008, however, only the Russian-Turkish Consortium appeared to be the only participant to present the whole package of necessary documents on time. During a month and a half the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK) analyzed comprehensively the technical documentation package and on December 19, 2008 made a decision in principal on acceptability of the mentioned technical solutions and compliance of the Russian design with all international requirements of NPP safe operation. On January 19, 2009 TAEK started to analyze the offer made by the Russian-Turkish Consortium. At the same time beyond the pale of the tender the Consortium submitted a new offer corrected with account of the present situation at the world market. According to the Turkish legislation the Ministry of Energy will prepare a report for the Government of Turkey to make the final decision.

Atomstroyexport JSC (JSC ASE) is the leading state engineering company subordinated to the State Corporation Rosatom implementing intergovernmental agreements on constructing nuclear facilities abroad. Currently Atomstroyexport is implementing orders, which make over 20% of the world market volume, and is the only company performing contracts in four countries simultaneously: in China, India, Iran and Bulgaria. Atomstroyexport is supported by the half-century experience of Russian atomic industry and constructs NPPs of new generation compliant with international requirements and IAEA recommendations.

SOURCE: Atomstroyexport

DATE: February 17, 2009

Topics: Russia, Atomstroyexport, Turkey

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