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Clean area for controlled reactor assembly arranged at Akkuyu NPP Unit 1

AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Communications Service, PUBLISHED 12.02.2024

A "clean area" has been arranged in the reactor compartment of Akkuyu NPP Unit No. 1. This term means a prepared working space for controlled assembly of a reactor, namely installation of equipment components into the design position and loading of the dummy core before cold-and-hot run-in of the reactor plant.

Specialists of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC have created all cleanliness conditions in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations. Construction materials have been removed from the working area; multiple wet cleaning is conducted on a daily basis; and a limited access of the personnel, which is in charge of installation and assembly monitoring of equipment, has been arranged. The clean area will be kept at all phases of the life cycle of Akkuyu NPP.

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