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HTR-PM starts commercial operation

CNNC, PUBLISHED 11.12.2023

On Dec 6th, China's independently developed high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstrator commenced commercial operation.


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It signifies that China has completed the world's first commercially operational modular nuclear power plant with fourth-generation nuclear technology, marking the transition of fourth-generation nuclear technology from experiments to the commercial market.

The high-temperature gas-cooled reactor, with advantages of high safety, power generation efficiency, and environmental adaptability, has broad applications in various fields such as power generation and combined heat and power.

It is an important pathway for optimizing China's energy structure, ensuring reliable energy supply, and contributing to the "dual carbon" goal.

With an installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts, the demonstrator of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor commenced construction in Rongcheng, Shandong province in 2012. Its completion and operation are significant achievements in advancing carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and in promoting the high-quality development of China's nuclear industry.

As a crucial participant in the construction of this project, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) played an important role in various aspects such as EPC contracts, fuel element manufacturing, and project construction.

Particularly noteworthy is Chinergy's success in fostering a close community with the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University.

By actively exploring and deepening cooperation with Tsinghua University, CNNC has achieved success in promoting the commercialization of cutting-edge nuclear technology.

CNNC will focus on technological and institutional innovation and collaborate with Tsinghua University to continue leveraging the role of Chinergy as a platform for the commercialization of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor technology.

CNNC will also work together with various counterparts to promote its implementation.

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Hero of the day

ROSATOM completed production of RITM-200 for Chukotka icebreaker

ROSATOM completed production of RITM-200 for Chukotka icebreaker

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Ma Wenjun also emphasized that CNNC has consistently upheld an open and collaborative approach, hoping to work together with international counterparts to accelerate the development of nuclear energy, contributing to addressing challenges such as climate change and nuclear safety.



It provided an opportunity for senior leaders in the industry globally to come together to network and build relationships with their peers, discuss the progress of the global industry improvement initiative, Action for Excellence - Shaping the Nuclear Future (AfE), and take necessary actions towards improving industry performance worldwide.