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Rosatom had delivered the reactor pressure vessel for the Akkuyu NPP Unit 3 (Turkey)

Press service of Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, PUBLISHED 10.11.2023

The reactor pressure vessel viz. the most important equipment of the Unit 3 has been delivered to the Akkuyu NPP construction site having cleared a distance of more than 1700 miles (3150 km).

The reactor pressure vessel is a vertical cylindrical vessel with elliptical bottom. It is large-size equipment inside which the core shall be located at the NPP construction stage, where the nuclear fuel, reactor control and protection system devices, design elements for controlled nuclear reaction and transfer of heat energy to the coolant are accommodated.

The reactor pressure vessel for the Akkuyu NPP third power unit has been manufactured at the enterprises of the Rosatom machine-building division viz. Atommash plant. The equipment weight in transportation packing constitutes 347.5 tons, length 11.45 m, width 5.7 m.

"After the completion of mandatory incoming control procedures the reactor pressure vessel shall be handed over for erection. Approximately 300 different checks and control operations are made during its manufacture. This equipment operates in special conditions. It should provide leak tightness of the reactor during operation, safe refueling and operation of the reactor plant for more than 60 year life", noted Sergei Butckikh, First Deputy CEO of Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, Director of the NPP under construction.

The reactor pressure vessel is the fifth vessel shipped from the Rosatom production site in 2023. Such a scope of shipments today is an absolute record for nuclear engineering for the entire history of its existence. Currently, Rosatom is the largest global exporter of nuclear technologies, and the State Corporation is conducting multiple construction of nuclear facilities in seven foreign countries.

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