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CNNC Chairman visits Rossing Uranium for mining, energy cooperation

CNNC, PUBLISHED 11.06.2023

To further promote China-Namibia mining and energy cooperation, Yu Jianfeng, chairman of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), led a delegation to visit Namibia from June 3 to 6, where he met with Kornelia Shilunga, deputy minister of Mines and Energy, and Zhao Weiping, Chinese ambassador to Namibia. During the visit, they jointly attended the Rossing Uranium's 2022 Sustainability and Performance Report Launch and unveiled the report.

During the meeting with Shilunga, Yu expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia for their long-term support to the CNNC's projects in the country. He said that the CNNC boasts talent and technology advantages throughout the industrial chain, and hoped that the two sides could deepen cooperation in uranium resources and expand new cooperation scope in such fields as the multi-purpose utilization of nuclear energy and the development of hydropower resources.

Shilunga fully appreciated Rossing's active fulfillment of its social responsibilities and believes that Rossing Uranium has set a good example for other mining companies in Namibia. She noted that the friendship between China and Namibia has a long history, and that the two sides have carried out fruitful cooperation in the field of uranium resources, hoping for further exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the future.

Yu also extended his sincere greetings to Chinese and Namibian employees while conducting on-site inspection and learning about the mining company's production and performance.

In 2022, Rossing Uranium overcame various difficulties to achieve good results in production and operation, safety management, and project development, with its safety management remaining at the leading level in Africa. At the same time, in 2022, it put 29 million Namibian dollars into public welfare undertakings such as education, poverty alleviation, medical care, sports, environmental protection, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, making important contributions to the economic and social development of Namibia.

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