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423 nuclear units are operating in the world, 57 units are under construction

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 26.11.2022

The current number of the operating nuclear power units in the world is equal to 423. These data are presented in the PRIS database supported by the IAEA.

Another 57 units have the status of the being built one.

Since the beginning of 2022, six new units have been connected to the grid - Fuqing-6, Hongyanhe-6 (both China), Karachi-3 (Pakistan), Olkiluoto-3 (Finland), Shin-Hanul-1 (South Korea) and Barakah-3 (UAE).

The construction was started on seven new units - Tianwan-8, Xudabu-4, Sanmen-3 and Haiyang-3 (all China), ElDabaa-1 and ElDabaa-2 (both Egypt) and Akkuyu-4 (Turkey).

Four units were permanently shutdown - Hunterstone B-2, Hinkley Point B-2 and Hinkley Point B-1 (all Great Britain) and Palisades-1 (USA).

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Zhao Xuelin,<br>Wang Ying

Zhao Xuelin,
Wang Ying

The nuclear submarine cooperation among the US, the UK and Australia relates to the integrity, validity and authority of NPT, and the related safeguards concern the interests of all IAEA members.