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Palisades Nuclear Power Plant - last attempt

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 20.04.2022

The authorities of the state of Michigan (USA) are looking for ways to avoid the closure of the Palisades nuclear power plant in the hope of saving hundreds of jobs.

The Palisades NPP consists of a single unit with a PWR reactor with a net capacity of 805 MWe. The plant has been in commercial operation since December 1971. The Entergy, the owner of the plant, previously announced that on May 31, 2022 the plant will be permanently shut down.

It became theoretically possible to avoid closure after the adoption by the US Department of Energy of the Civil Nuclear Credit Program in the amount of 6 billion USD.

The program allows the owners of nuclear power plants in difficult economic conditions to apply for financing, which should allow such plants to remain in operation.

The Palisades NPP has a license until 2031. Thus, the plant could work for about 10 more years if the owners agreed to it.

The position of Entergy, however, is rather restrained. The company confirms contacts with officials of the state about the fate of the plant, but at the same time maintains a line in public comments on its closure.

It is possible that government support is overdue. In 2020, Entergy and Holtec began to carry out the necessary formal procedures in the nuclear regulatory commission related to the transfer of the plant from the first company to the second.

It should be noted that Holtec is engaged in the decommissiong of plants, not its operation, and is unlikely to be interested in extending the operation of the Palisades NPP.

The end of the story must be set before May 12, 2022, the deadline for submitting applications for financing under the new lending program. If Entergy does not do this, then it will be possible to forget about the further operation of the Palisades NPP.

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