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439 nuclear units are operating in the world, 53 units are under construction

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 05.03.2022

The current number of the operating nuclear power units in the world is equal to 439. These data are presented in the PRIS database supported by the IAEA.

Another 53 units have the status of the being built one.

Since the beginning of 2022, one new unit has been connected to the grid - "Fuqing-6" (China).

The construction was started on one new unit - "Tianwan-8" (China).

One unit was permanently shutdown - "Hunterstone B-2" (Great Britain).

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Atucha III Nuclear Power Plant Project Joint Statement

Atucha III Nuclear Power Plant Project Joint Statement

The signing of the EPC Contract will be followed by the compliance of all the precedent conditions stipulated therein, among which the need to obtain the corresponding authorizations from the relevant authorities of both countries stands out, together with the financial and technology transfer agreements.


Vladimir Kriventsev

Vladimir Kriventsev
The International Atomic Energy Agency brings together the fast reactor and related fuel cycle community and countries and the wider public interested in these technologies by organising the International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future or FR21.


Victor Murogov

Victor Murogov
This critical analysis of the history, state, and prospects of development of modern nuclear technologies shows that nuclear energy market has practically monopolized the design and construction of only one type of reactors (95% of NPPs under construction use pressurized water reactors), which necessitates training of focused specialists involved in the construction and operation of those nuclear power plants.