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WANO appoints Robert Gambrill as Director of WANO Atlanta Centre

WANO, PUBLISHED 18.09.2020

The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) has appointed Robert (Bob) Gambrill as the Director of the WANO Atlanta Centre.

Bob has formally replaced Russ Brian, who has successfully completed his three year tenure as WANO Atlanta Centre Director.

WANO Atlanta Centre is located in Atlanta, Georgia and provides services and assistance to WANO members in the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, China, United Arab Emirates, and Romania.

In carrying out the WANO mission to maximise the safety and reliability of commercial nuclear power plants worldwide and in addition to providing assistance to members within the region, Atlanta Centre also implements WANO strategic activities and goals, ensures effective application of WANO resources within the region and to other regional centres, and promotes the professional development of seconded personnel.

In parallel to his position with WANO, Bob Gambrill is also serving as Vice President, International, for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). INPO is an independent, non-profit organisation with a mission to promote the highest levels of safety and reliability in the operation of commercial nuclear power plants.

Robert Gambrill, the new Director at WANO Atlanta Centre,stated: "I am pleased to serve as Director of WANO Atlanta Centre and look forward to working closely with the WANO Leadership Team, so that together we can achieve our goals."

Ingemar Engkvist, Chief Executive Officer at WANO, stated: "I am delighted that Bob has joined WANO, he joins us at a key moment in our history and I look forward to working closely with him and our Atlanta Centre colleagues to support our members and maximise safety and reliability across the world. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Russ all the very best for his retirement and thank him for his dedicated service to WANO, INPO and to the global nuclear industry throughout his career."

Robert Gambrill

Robert Gambrill biography

Bob Gambrill serves as Director of WANO Atlanta Centre and Vice President, International, for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). He assumed both positions in September 2020. Robert joined INPO in 2003 and was elected vice president of Industry Trends & Organisation Learning in 2016.

From August 2019 until July 2020, Mr. Gambrill participated in an on-loan assignment at Ontario Power Generation, where he served as vice president of Fleet Operations, Maintenance and Radiation Safety.

Prior to joining INPO, Mr Gambrill held several management positions in design engineering and component engineering at the Palisades nuclear plant and as a project manager at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant. He also served in the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant in a Special Boat Unit.

Mr Gambrill received a bachelor's of science degree in chemistry from the United States Naval Academy.

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William D. Magwood, IV

William D. Magwood, IV
I think our members have understood that one of the biggest issues going forward is making sure that we have a new generation of young people that can take up the work of developing, deploying and operating nuclear facilities in the future.


Vyacheslav Kupriyanov,<br>Victor Murogov

Vyacheslav Kupriyanov,
Victor Murogov

To sum up, we can say that from above we see a set of tasks and areas of activity that must be solved and developed to build the nuclear power of the future, and from below we see an understanding of how it can be done.