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Rosatom has completed the nuclear infrastructure assessment project in Zambia

Press Service of JSC Rusatom Service, PUBLISHED 29.01.2019

On the 21st of December 2018 ROSATOM handed over the final report on the assessment of nuclear infrastructure in the Republic of Zambia to Minister of Higher Education of the country, Professor Nkandu Luo and Secretary to the Cabinet Ph.D. Roland Msiska.

The report was handed over under the contract for assessment and development of nuclear infrastructure in the country.

Nkandu Luo noted: nuclear power is the key factor in improvement of the wellbeing of the country while the pivotal role in the development of nuclear power sector is played by three elements: development of nuclear infrastructure, highly qualified human resources of the country and inter-university cooperation between Russia and Zambia.

The report includes results of expert missions conducted in September 2018. The expert missions were held by more than 30 experts of different enterprises of ROSATOM as meetings and interviews with representatives of 30 Zambian ministries and organizations: representatives of stakeholders, i.e. potential participants of nuclear power program development.

The implemented approaches helped Russian experts identify the level of development of nuclear infrastructure in Zambia as well as give corresponding recommendations for creation of sufficient and effective nuclear infrastructure to build and safely operate the Nuclear Science and Technology Center (NSTC).

The nuclear infrastructure assessment project was implemented by JSC Rusatom Service (an affiliated company of ROSATOM). At a special workshop the company's representatives told Zambian colleagues how to use the recommendations contained in the report in practice and a nuclear infrastructure development roadmap. They also gave practical advices regarding to the integrated management system and development of human resources in the region.

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Peter Prozesky
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