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The pre-stressing system installation has been completed at Unit 1 at Belarus NPP

Press Service of ASE Group of Companies, PUBLISHED 20.06.2018

At Unit 1 of Belarus NPP (General Architect and General Contractor is ASE, Engineering Division of ROSATOM) specialists have completed installing the containment pre-stressing system.

At the present time, specialists of the Representation Office of Trust RosSEM LLC in the Republic of Belarus (part of the Engineering Division of ROSATOM) have completed tension of all bundles with the initial controlled force.

Readiness of the pre-stressing system is one of the necessary conditions of the next critical operation that is the strength and integrity tests of the reactor containment, Sergey Olontsev, Senior Vice President for Russian Projects Management at JSC EC ASE noted. All these operations are conducted as part of the reactor systems and equipment preparations for cold trials, he said.

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Vladimir Kriventsev: we know ability of fast reactors

Vladimir Kriventsev: we know ability of fast reactors

Actually, the duration of the NAPRO project will be five years. It was started in 2013 and it shall be completed in 2018. The NAPRO CRP attracted a lot of participants. And here I would like to thank Argonne National Laboratory, which is a very good contributor. I have to mention also the important contribution of the Obninsk IPPE for the part of the project concerning the thermalhydraulic data.


Siegfried Hecker

Siegfried Hecker
When I look at the past, I've always thought that cooperation was extremely important.My feeling is that we did a lot of good; there were a lot of benefits to both countries. It's often not appreciated that it was actually beneficial to both countries. Itis unfortunate that it came pretty much to an end between U.S. and Russia.


Rudolf Baklushin

Rudolf Baklushin
The reactor facility BN-350 is the first facility with the fast neutron reactor. Experience of its designing, building, installing and exploitation has helped to realize and solve many problems with NPPs of a fast sodium type.


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