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BN-800 is running at 100%

AtomInfo.Ru, PUBLISHED 17.08.2016

At August 17, 2016, the fourth unit of the Beloyarsk NPP with BN-800 fast reactor began to run at 100% power.

The 15-fays procedure for comprehensive testing of the unit at the nominal power was began.

The commercial operation of the unit will be started in autumn 2016.

Topics: Fast breeders, Beloayrsk NPP, Russia

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Dmitry Klinov

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The task of the BFS retrofitting and upgrading arose in late 2010 as a consequence of the enormous difficulties that we had encountered in renewing the licence to operate our fast critical facilities.


Oleg Grudzevich

Oleg Grudzevich
It has simple and well-considered control. Do you need to connect a gas system? Welcome, one click of the PC mouse is enough to preset the pressure. Is the beam cut off? Five seconds and the doors are unlocked. Actually, no problems are expected.


Rudolf Baklushin

Rudolf Baklushin
The reactor facility BN-350 is the first facility with the fast neutron reactor. Experience of its designing, building, installing and exploitation has helped to realize and solve many problems with NPPs of a fast sodium type.


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