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Vladimir Poplavskiy passed away

Vladimir Poplavskiy, March 20, 1938 - June 18, 2016, PUBLISHED 23.06.2016

On June 18, SSC RF - IPPE Deputy Director General for Fast Reactors, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor and Doctor of Engineering, Vladimir Mikhaylovich Poplavskiy, passed away.


Vladimir Poplavskiy, March 20, 1938 - June 18, 2016

Vladimir Poplavskiy was born on March 20, 1938 in the town of Shilka in Chita region.

Poplavskiy V.M. started working in the Institute for Physics and Power Engineering in the capacity of an engineer in 1960, after graduating with honors from Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. All his scientific and scientific-organizational activities were inseparably associated with the development of the technology and safety analysis of nuclear power plants with fast neutron reactors. One of the earlier lines of Vladimir's research concerned experimental and analytical investigation of emergency conditions in sodium-water steam generators and development of recommendations for steam generator emergency protection systems. These developments were introduced in the design of BOR-60, BN-350, BN-600, BN-800 reactors and have been fully proved by the successful operating history.

In the last decades, Vladimir's research and development work was involved with wide range of studies in the areas of physics, thermal physics, liquid metal coolant technology, materials science, and other issues of safety and reliability justification of fast neutron reactors, as well as the strategy of full-scale incorporation of such reactors in Russian power industry.

Poplavskiy V.M. was also a driving force behind the revival of scientific community and authorities interest in fast neutron reactors. As a result of these activities, the ENERGY STRATEGY OF RUSSIA for the period until 2030 was adopted in 2009 and is effectively put into practice today.

Vladimir Poplavskiy made an invaluable contribution to international cooperation activities, including the work on development of China Experimental Reactor CEFR. In 1999, he received the Friendship Award - a prestigious international reward of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

Based on the scientific studies performed, 7 monographs and collected works were published in 2011-2014. These papers generated substantial interest and visibility among the scientific community both within and outside Russia.

Vladimir Poplavskiy devoted much attention to personnel training for the industry. Since 1972, he engaged in scientific and educational activities, was the Professor of the Department of NPP Equipment and Operation in Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering.

Poplavskiy V.M. was always distinguished by his commitment and sense of purpose in scientific work, the ability to take into account the opinions of subordinates and the skill of finding mutually acceptable solutions with partners from other industry enterprises.

For his longstanding and fruitful scientific work, Vladimir received the following awards: Friendship Award (2000); medals: "For Labor Valor" (1984), "Veteran of Labor" (1987); title "Honored Scholar" (1996); Russian Federation Government Prize in the area of Science and Technology (2008).

Vladimir Poplavskiy was a very sympathetic person, a model family man, a loving husband and a father of a son and a daughter, whom he raised together with his wife, Tatiana. His home was always filled with merry laugh of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The memory of this great scientist, director and a good man will always live in the memory of the institute and industry workers as well as all those who knew Vladimir.

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