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Tehran to double electricity exports to Turkey

RIA Novosti, PUBLISHED January 07, 2012

Tehran is considering a twofold increase in power exports to neighboring Turkey after a new transmission line is put into operation, an Iranian official said on Friday.

Mir-Fattah Fattah Gharabagh, managing director of Iran Grid Management Company, said that Iran is currently exporting about 230 kilovolt per day (kV/d) of electricity to Turkey and the new transmission line will increase that capacity to 400 kV/d, Press TV reported.

УThe construction of the new power transmission line to Turkey is in the final stages of completion,Ф he said.

According to the Iranian Energy Ministry, the country will be exporting up to $1 billion in electricity by March 2012.

Iran's total power generation capacity stands at 63,403 MW while the total length of the power grid exceeds 780,000 km.

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