Iran, Brazil, Turkey sign nuclear fuel swap agreement

RIA Novosti, PUBLISHED May 17, 2010

The Iranian, Brazilian, and Turkish foreign ministers have signed on Monday an agreement on the exchange of low-enriched uranium to fuel Tehran's scientific research reactor, the AFP said.

Earlier on Monday, an Iranian Foreign Ministry official representative said that Tehran agreed to swap in Turkey its low-enriched uranium for highly-enriched fuel for use in its Tehran scientific research reactor.

According to the source, some 1,200 kilograms of Iranian low-enriched uranium will be swapped.

Iran has been under international pressure to halt uranium enrichment, needed both for electricity generation and weapons production. Tehran has repeatedly rejected the demand, insisting it is pursuing a purely civilian program. Several Western powers have called for harsher sanctions against Tehran if it does not agree to halt uranium enrichment.

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Steven Kirsch

Steven Kirsch
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