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Vladimir Kriventsev: FR21 provides excellent opportunities

The International Atomic Energy Agency brings together the fast reactor and related fuel cycle community and countries and the wider public interested in these technologies by organising the International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Sustainable Clean Energy for the Fut...

William D. Magwood, IV: We are looking for ways to encourage young people

First of all, it is a pleasure to me...

Matthew Bunn: we can still work together

Well, I think Russia and the Unites States still have strong common interests in nonproliferation...

Chirayu Batra: we should decrease the generation gap

The main difference is that we are based in Vienna, where the IAEA has its headquarters...

Amparo Gonzalez Espartero: our task is to help member states

Peter Prozesky: WANO unites every company and country in the world with a commercial NPP

William D. Magwood, IV: it was a great trip for me

Vladimir Kriventsev: we know ability of fast reactors

Hero of the day

Reincarnation of Nuclear Science

Reincarnation of Nuclear Science

To sum up, we can say that from above we see a set of tasks and areas of activity that must be solved and developed to build the nuclear power of the future, and from below we see an understanding of how it can be done.


William D. Magwood, IV

William D. Magwood, IV
I think our members have understood that one of the biggest issues going forward is making sure that we have a new generation of young people that can take up the work of developing, deploying and operating nuclear facilities in the future.


Yanko Yanev,<br>Victor Murogov

Yanko Yanev,
Victor Murogov

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