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CNNC reports growth in power generation in 2022

REIN Engineering JSC is a new company of ROSATOM

CNNC supports frontier science research with germanium isotopes

CNNCs first self-developed BNCT cancer treatment facility settles in Taian, Shandong

Welding of the main coolant pipeline has commenced at Kudankulam NPP Unit 3

Youth Forum Russia-Africa: Nuclear Education for Sustainable Development was held at RUDN University

At the construction site of the Kursk NPP-2, the installation of the domed part of the outer containment shell of power unit No. 1 was completed

TVEL ships fuel for CFR-600 fast reactor launch

Russian delegation and the IAEA hold consultations on ensuring safety of the Zaporozhskaya NPP

Commersial operation of Fangchenggang-3 is now expected in first half of 2023

The Romanian government has approved a bill to support the construction of units No.3/4 of the Chernavoda NPP

Grid connection of unit No 2 of the Belarusian NPP is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023

Reactor vessel for Hinkley Point C-1 ready to ship

Flushing of systems with the open reactor has commenced at Rooppur NPP Unit 1

China first homegrown main steam isolation valves delivered

Unit No. 1 of the Shin-Hanul NPP has been put into commercial operation

At power unit No. 2 of the Kursk NPP-2, accumulator tanks of the second stage of the passive reactor protection system were installed

Reactor building dome has been installed in design position at Kudankulam NPP Unit 3

Power outages persist in North Carolina after armed attacks on substations

First unit of the Belarusian NPP has generated 10 billion kWh of electricity since its first connection to grid

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ROSATOM installs vessel of MBIR research reactor in design position

ROSATOM installs vessel of MBIR research reactor in design position

On January 18, the vessel of the world's largest multipurpose fast neutron research reactor (MBIR) was installed in its designed position at the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR) construction site in the city of Dimitrovgrad in Russia's Ulyanovsk region. RIAR is a part of ROSATOM's scientific division "Science and Innovation, JSC".



The secondary sources are already helping to reduce the consumption of natural uranium for the operation of nuclear power plants, but the main breakthrough in the efficiency of uranium use is expected after the widespread introduction of the closed nuclear fuel cycle (NFC).



The 12th ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum took place in Sochi (Russia) on 21-22 November. Over 3,000 guests, including businesspeople, government agencies, and international organisations, from Russia and 65 other countries attended the event.