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Rosatom starts afterburning of minor actinides in a fast reactor
During the scheduled refueling at the Beloyarsk NPP Unit 4, its BN-800 fast neutron reactor has been for the first time loaded with lead-test assemblies of uranium-plutonium MOX fuel also containing the so-called minor actinides, the most radiotoxic and long-lived components from irradiated nuclear fuel.
The loading of innovative fuel into the reactor core was approved by the Russia authorized regulator Rostekhnadzor (the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision), which had confirmed its safe operation. The power unit has resumed operation after the refueling.
The three lead-test MOX bundles containing americium- 241 and neptunium-237 were manufactured at...

Fuel loading at the first unit of Kursk NPP-2 is scheduled for November 2024

ROSATOM takes part in the XXVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
ROSATOM takes part in the XVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2024) which has opened today. ROSATOM acts as the titular partner of the Forum.
The booth of the State Corporation at the event shows how technologies serve for development of the humankind. Multi-media display items disclose the present and the future of the technological landscape as it is envisaged in ROSATOM. The digital mock-up of the Future City where all technological elements, from NPPs of the IV generation and nuclear medicine centers to electric propulsion and smart city ecosystems, have found their use, is in the center of the exhibition.
News from the second half of the XXI century are...

Theoretical ban on the sale of uranium in the United States will not cause problems for Russia - Likhachev

Beloyarsk NPP actively attracts young specialists

The next rotation of the IAEA mission observers took place at the Zaporozhye NPP

IAEA Board of Governors will hold an extraordinary meeting due to the attacks on the Zaporozhye NPP

415 nuclear units are operating in the world, 58 units are under construction

International graduates of Russian universities gathered at ATOMEXPO

ROSATOM starts testing of unique equipment for BREST-OD-300 nitride fuel fabrication

Forum ATOMEXPO-2024 became a record-breaking event in number of participating countries and signed agreements
On March 26, 2024, the two-day International Forum ATOMEXPO-2024, one of the largest events in the global nuclear industry, completed its work at the Sirius University of Science and Technology (Sirius Federal Territory, Sochi). The exhibition area of the forum exceeded 25.5 thousand square meters, with more than 200 participating companies presenting their expositions.
The Forum, which became the 13th one, set a record in terms of the number of participants - about 4,500 from 75 countries (ten greater than in 2022). The event was honored by the presence of representatives of business, government agencies, and international organizations.
The forum platform brought together many high-profile guests. The sessions and round tables were attended by...

Main construction stage started at Leningrad NPP Unit 7
First concrete was laid in the foundation of the reactor building of Unit 7 with a VVER-1200 reactor at the construction site of new power units of Leningrad NPP (a branch of Rosenergoatom, Electric Power Division of ROSATOM). This historic event marks the beginning of the main phase of construction of new power units which will provide the country with clean energy for at least 60 years.
Speaking about the prospects for the development of the domestic nuclear industry, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted: By 2045, the share of nuclear generation in Russia overall energy balance will be increased to 25%. The construction of a new efficient power unit at Leningrad NPP will be a good contribution to this work.

Another round of interdepartmental consultations between Russia and the IAEA takes place in Sochi

ROSATOM will be the general partner of the World Youth Festival in 2024

At the fourth block of the Rostov NPP, the backup diesel power plant was modernized

Rosenergoatom received operator status for Ust-Kuiga small plant

Grossi will visit Russia and Ukraine in the next ten days

Smolensk NPP hired more than 170 new employees in 2023

Rosatom starts installation of the BREST-OD-300 4th generation reactor

Severe frosts did not affect the stable operation of Russian nuclear power plants

Historical record of the Northern Sea Route: the cargo carriage volume in 2023 exceeded 36.254 mln. tons

Next rotation of the IAEA mission observers took place at Zaporizhia NPP

ATOMEXPO-2024 Forum will take place on March, 25-26 in Sochi

Rosenergoatom has received licenses from Rostechnadzor for the construction of units No. 7 and No. 8 of the Leningrad NPP

Beloyarsk NPP employed 162 people in 2023

Russian nuclear power plants fulfilled annual task of Federal Antimonopoly Service ahead of schedule

Second reactor for Chukotka nuclear-powered ship was delivered to St. Petersburg

In Sosnovy Bor, the keys to the new housing were handed over to the servicemen serving on the protection of the Leningrad NPP

Monument to A.I.Leipunsky opened in Obninsk

The next rotation of the IAEA mission observers took place at the Zaporizhia NPP

Pilot operation in 18-month cycle has been completed at sixth unit of Novovoronezh NPP

Fuel reloading has started at the Russian floating nuclear power plant

Chairman of CNNC attends Russia-China business forum

WANO-MC completes follow-up peer review at Kola NPP

Cold hydro testing is started at Unit 1 of Kursk NPP-2

Kalinin-2 unit will be shut down for scheduled repairs with equipment modernization

Leningrad NPP has received permission to produce lutetium-177

The output at the Russian nuclear power plant for 8 months of 2023 amounted to over 141.8 kWh

The next rotation of observers of the IAEA mission took place at the Zaporozhye NPP

Kalinin NPP has generated 750 billion kWh of electricity since the beginning of operation

Rosatom Wind Farms Have Generated Over 1 Billion kWh of Electricity Year to Date

ROSATOM starts testing MOX fuel for VVER reactors

ROSATOM Discusses Russian Progress in Renewable Energy at SPIEF 2023

ROSATOM will establish a joint venture for the construction of energy fleet based on nuclear floating power units for overseas markets

ROSATOM plans to construct SHELF-M reactor plant in Chukotka
ROSATOM and the Government of Chukotka have signed an agreement to collaborate on the implementation of a small nuclear power plant project in the region based on the latest Russian SHELF-M reactor plant. The agreement was signed during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Alexei Likhachev, Director General of ROSATOM, and Vladislav Kuznetsov, Acting Governor and Chairman of the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug signed the document.
The agreement outlines the intentions and procedures for cooperation between the parties in the construction of a nuclear power plant to ensure reliable and low-carbon power supply to the Sovinoye gold deposit and the...

Kuzminskaya Wind Farm Feeds First Electricity to Russian National Grid

ROSATOM obtained a license for the first land-based SMR in Russia
On April 21, Rosenergoatom, a Joint-Stock Company, obtained a license issued by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Environment, Technology and Nuclear Management (Rostekhnadzor) to construct the Yakutsk land-based SMR in the Ust-Yansky District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
The design of land-based SMR is based on the latest Russian technology - a water-cooled nuclear reactor RITM-200N, developed by adapting an advanced low- power facility of shipboard design for a ground-based NPP. Reactors of the RITM-200 series have been tested in the harsh Arctic conditions onboard the advanced Russian icebreakers and meet all post-Fukushima safety requirements for the modern NPP design. This is...

Deputies of the RF State Duma Visiting Belarus NPP

MBIR became a participant of the BRICS GRAIN International Platform

Consultations held between the Russian delegation and the IAEA delegation

ROSATOM installs vessel of MBIR research reactor in design position
Installing the reactor vessel in its design position is a significant achievement of the work of a large team of like-minded scientists, engineers, designers, and builders. This is an important milestone in the MBIR reactor construction project, bringing us closer to installing reactor equipment and reaching the end of construction, which is already ahead of schedule. This means that we will get an advanced research infrastructure in a shorter amount of time, which will advance the study of two-component nuclear power engineering technology and our efforts to close the fuel cycle; it will help accelerate and justify the creation of safe fourth-generation nuclear power plants, and foster breakthrough research over the next 50 years. MBIR research reactor and PIK reactor are complementary...

Youth Forum Russia-Africa: Nuclear Education for Sustainable Development was held at RUDN University

At the construction site of the Kursk NPP-2, the installation of the domed part of the outer containment shell of power unit No. 1 was completed

Russian delegation and the IAEA hold consultations on ensuring safety of the Zaporozhskaya NPP

At power unit No. 2 of the Kursk NPP-2, accumulator tanks of the second stage of the passive reactor protection system were installed

AtomExpo-2022: electric propulsion as a new paradigm
Within the framework of the forum, round tables were organized in various areas. One of it was held under the title Electric propulsion as a new paradigm for industry development, and the briefing for journalists was held after the event.
Electric propulsion is not the most relevant topic for the nuclear industry, and this was evident from the composition of journalists who asked questions, many of whom represented either general political or specialized automotive media.
At difficult times, large state-owned companies and corporations must take on government tasks. The restoration of the Russian automotive industry is one of such serious and important tasks, and the TVEL company...

Atomenergoproekt and Kaspersky Laboratory have developed a comprehensive plan for generation 3+ NPPs cyber security

Shelf-M - Russian SMR
On November 21-22, the XII International Forum ATOMEXPO-2022 was held at the Sirius Center in Sochi. The forum was attended by over 3,000 specialists and guests from Russia, as well as 65 countries of the near and far abroad: representatives of business, government agencies, international organizations.
In the exhibition exposition of Rosatom, much attention was paid to Russian projects of small reactors in floating and land-based design. One of the ground-based projects is the well-known Shelf-M SMR, developed by NIKIET specialists.
The electric capacity of Shelf-M is up to 10 MWe, thermal capacity is 35 MWt. Core cooling is traditional, a unified design of an integrated water-water reactor is used.

Russia creates reserve source of energy supply for Zaporozhye NPP

Over 3000 Attend ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum
The 12th ATOMEXPO 2022 International Forum took place in Sochi (Russia) on 21-22 November.
Over 3,000 guests, including businesspeople, government agencies, and international organisations, from Russia and 65 other countries attended the event.
The forum motto was Nuclear Spring: Creating a Sustainable Future. The opening plenary session focused on prospects for the development of global nuclear energy. The discussion was attended by ROSATOM Director General Alexey Likhachev, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, Director General of Brazil ENBPar Corporation Ney Zanella dos Santos, Belarusian Minister of Energy Viktor Karankevich, Turkish Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar, and...

Prospects for international partnership in the implementation of MBIR reactor project will be discussed within ATOMEXPO-2022

The highest cooling tower built at Kursk NPP-2

Reactor Coolant Pipeline Welding completed at Kursk NPP-2 Unit No. 1 in record-breaking time

NovaWind and Dagestan Government Sign Deal to Cooperate in Wind Power Development

ROSATOM takes part in SPIEF-2022

Young Rosatom scientists discuss research on materials and nuclear fuel at the SSC RIAR

Installation of steam generators has been completed at Kursk NPP-2 power unit 1

The Rosatom Engineering Division has Participated in the 7th DIRB-2022 Conference

China and Russia have submitted to the IAEA a list of technical issues on Japanese plans to drain Fukushima contaminated water into the ocean

VVER and its future
Russia has adopted a strategy providing for the formation of two-component nuclear power with fast and thermal reactors. And this means that the VVER technology will remain in our country.
Moreover, according to the accepted development scenarios, the fleet mode units with generation III+ VVER will be introduced in Russia until 2038. The fleet mode units here are understood to be units with VVER-TOI, or rather, with updated VVER-TOI with increased consumer attractiveness and competitiveness.
Further development of the VVER line - the VVER-S with spectral regulation, and the first spectral VVER will also be the first modern VVER of average power of 600 MWe.
After its appearance, spectral VVERs will be able to...

Reactor was started on the Ural nuclear icebreaker

Research Institute of Atomic Reactors has once again confirmed the status of the state scientific center

ROSATOM starts irradiation of the new ATF fuel matrix

Neitronika-2022 will be held from May 31 to June 3, 2022 in Obninsk

Polar Crane has been Put in Operation at Kursk NPP-2 Unit 1

A conference of young specialists started at OKB Gidropress

Data processing center Arctic will be built at the Kola NPP

Specialists of SSC RIAR have successfully completed the modernization of the VK-50 reactor

Tomsk Polytechnic University hosted a ROSATOM Career Day for international students

Rusatom Overseas and Air Liquide completed a feasibility study for the construction of a hydrogen production complex on Sakhalin Island

ROSATOM Infrastructure Solutions Acquires Controlling Interest in Quadra Power

First REMIX fuel assemblies loaded at Balakovo NPP

441 nuclear units are operating in the world, 52 units are under construction

NovaWind starts supplying green electricity to Sibanthracite Group

Rosatom starts ATF operation in a commercial reactor

ROSATOM and Russian Far East and Arctic Development Ministry sign cooperation agreement on development of Great Northern Sea Route

Rosatom starts construction of unique power unit with BREST-OD-300 fast neutron reactor
The construction of a 300 MW nuclear power unit with an innovative lead coolant BREST-OD-300 fast reactor has begun at the site of the Siberian Chemical Combine (an enterprise of Rosatom-subsidiary TVEL Fuel Company) in Seversk, Tomsk region (South-West Siberia). The reactor will run on mixed uranium-plutonium nitride fuel (MNUP fuel), specially developed for this facility (it is considered to be the optimal solution for fast reactors).
The power plant will make an integral part of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEC) - a cluster of three interconnected unique facilities, including the nuclear fuel production plant (for fabrication and refabrication), the BREST-OD-300 power unit, and the facility for irradiated fuel reprocessing.

Nuclear News Ticker - May 02, 2021

Nuclear News Ticker - March 24, 2021

Unit 6 of Leningrad NPP commissioned for commercial operation
On March 22, 2021, VVER-1200 reactor-enabled Unit 6 was commissioned at the Leningrad NPP. Andrey Petrov, Director General of Rosenergoatom (part of the Electric Power Division of ROSATOM), signed the corresponding order.
Pilot operation with 15-day comprehensive tests preceded the unit commissioning. On March 10, following the tests, Russian nuclear watchdog Rostechnadzor confirmed the facility compliance with the design documentation, technical regulations, and energy efficiency requirements.
The Leningrad NPP's new unit is the fourth unit with a VVER-1200 reactor commissioned in Russia. Today milestone event brings the total number of NPP units in Russia to 38, Andrey Petrov noted.

Nuclear News Ticker - March 03, 2021

BN-800 fast reactor undergoes the first full refueling with MOX fuel

Rosatom will manufacture unique equipment for the BREST-OD-300 power unit

Nuclear News Ticker - February 14, 2021

Nuclear News Ticker - January 01, 2021

Nuclear News Ticker - December 22, 2020

Nuclear News Ticker - December 06, 2020

442 nuclear units are operating in the world, 53 units are under construction

Nuclear News Ticker - November 09, 2020

443 nuclear units are operating in the world, 53 units are under construction

Leningrad NPP Unit 6 Connected to Grid, Delivers First Electricity to Russian Power System
This is a significant event, both for the power unit itself and for the country. There are two important milestones in the power unit setup process. One is the first bringing the reactor to a critical state at the minimum-controlled power level when it awakens. The second, which is even more important is the first connection to the grid, when the power unit begins to perform its function and produce electricity. Today, the country received another 1200 MW unit and strengthened its credibility as a leading power in the field of nuclear energy, Rosatom First Deputy Director General for Operations Management Alexander Lokshin said.
The new power unit was connected to the unified power system and tested at a capacity of 240 MW.

Leningrad NPP: Test Tubine Launch Took Place at Unit 6

Nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika has reached the North Pole

The second stage of the lead universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika sea trials is completed
On September 17, after completion of the second stage of sea trials, the lead universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika (Arctic) of the project 22220 returned to St. Petersburg. From June 23 to September 16 an inspection of mechanisms and equipment of the nuclear-powered vessel was carried out in the Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea. Experts tested the electric power system under running conditions and maneuverable characteristics of the vessel under different draft variants.
The program of sea trials has been fully implemented, says Mustafa Kashka, Director General of FSUE Atomflot. The shipbuilders, contractors and the delivery crew have done a great deal of work. We are satisfied with the results. The Arktika nuclear icebreaker is ready to sail to...

The first nuclear reaction has been recorded at unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2
The final stage of the physical launch for the newest VVER-1200 2th power block has been launched at Leningrad NPP-2 (a part of the electric power division of ROSATOM). This is the first time the nuclear facility has reached the minimum controllable power.
This means that the neutron flux control equipment has recorded stable neutron capacity, and the first self- sustained controlled nuclear reaction has commenced in the reactor core.
The minimum controllable power is the lowest capacity level that enables us to conduct a number of tests and to verify the physical parameters of the reactor core to make sure it complies with the project requirements. Once these operations are completed and the...

1st bulk order of China-made sponge zirconium leaves for Russia

Leningrad NPP-2 Unit 2 Successfully Passes WANO Pre-start-up Peer Review
Experts of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Moscow Centre have completed a pre-start-up peer review of the Leningrad NPP-2 Unit 2.
The purpose of review was to assess the readiness of the unit for safe start-up and further operation. Peer reviews are conducted at operating nuclear power plants once every four years, including at the start-up stage.
During the inspection at the Leningrad NPP, the team of international experts verified the operational, fire and emergency readiness of the power unit, as well as the level of safety culture among the plant personnel. These areas are of great importance in ensuring the reliability and safety of a nuclear facility throughout the entire...

Fuel Loading Starts at Power Unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-2
After fuel is loaded, the reactor will be brought to minimum controllable power level (up to 1%), to ensure safety of all relevant processes. The physical launch will be followed by the power start-up, trial operation, and integrated testing. The power unit is scheduled to be commissioned in 2021. It will replace the RBMK-1000 reactor-equipped power unit 2 of Leningrad NPP-1, which will be shut down at the end of this year after 45 years of service.
The VVER-1200 is the flagship of ROSATOM Generation III+ PWR-type reactor and the world's only Generation III+ design in serial construction. Unit No. 2 at the Leningrad-2 NPP is going to be the fourth in the series following units No. 1 and 2 at the Novovoronezh-2 NPP, launched in 2016 and 2019 respectively, and unit No. 1 at the Leningrad-2 NPP, launched in 2017.

Rostov NPP has obtained a license for the production of medical oxygen

In 2022, the first Russian NPP power block running fully on renewable fuel is to be launched
In 2022, the 4th power block of the Beloyarsk NPP with a BN-800 fast-neutron reactor will be the first one in the history of our country to fully switch to uranium- plutonium MOX fuel. This will be an important step towards closure of the nuclear fuel cycle.
The full-scale transition of the Beloyarsk NPP BN-800 reactor to having a reactor core fully loaded with uranium-plutonium MOX fuel is planned for H1 2021. Fuel assemblies containing MOX fuel will be placed into the core, accounting for one-third of the total number of assemblies.
Since the beginning of the 4th power block operation and until now, the BN-800 has been operating a hybrid core combining fuel assemblies with uranium oxide fuel and those with tablet and vibration-consolidated MOX fuel.

Lev Kochetkov turns 90 years
We are pleased and proud to meet Lev Alekseevich, as well as the fact that Lev Alekseevich is one of our frequent interlocutors. The AtomInfo.Ru online newspaper published L.A.Kochetkov memoirs about the First NPP, about the first Beloyarsk units, about the history of the fast program in the world from mercury to sodium.
The editorial board of the AtomInfo.Ru joins the congratulations of colleagues and wishes Lev Alekseevich scientific longevity, good health, happiness and new creative success!

The first batch of MOX fuel was loaded into the reactor at the Beloyarsk NPP

The floating NPP has delivered its first 10 mln kWh of electric power to the Chukotka grid

Engineering Division of ROSATOM and JNPC signed the acceptance statement confirming the transfer of the nuclear island of Tianwan-3
On January 20, Director General of ROSATOM Alexey Likhachev paid a working visit to the operating Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant (Jiangsu Province, China). Tianwan NPP is a result of Russia China joint efforts. Today, all four power units with Russian-designed VVER-1000 operate efficiently at the station.
Alexey Likhachev met with the head of the Atomic Energy Agency of China, Zhang Kejian, as part of his visit to the Tianwan NPP. Together they attended the signing ceremony for the final acceptance of the nuclear island at Unit 3, Tianwan NPP. Russia and China signed the final acceptance statement confirming the transfer of the nuclear island to the Chinese customer for operation.
Alexey Bannik, Vice President in charge of projects in China, ASE EC JSC (the Engineering Division of ROSATOM), signed the statement for the Russian side, and Zhang Yi, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC) appended his signature for China.

448 nuclear units are operating in the world, 52 units are under construction

450 nuclear units are operating in the world, 53 units are under construction

Smolensk-3 has obtained a license from Rostekhnadzor for extended lifespan

The changes to the Russian state program of nuclear development came into force

RASU JSC and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Sign Partnership Agreement

Rosatom subsidiary awards contract for construction of BREST-OD-300 fast reactor facility and power unit

The Leader icebreaker project will be transferred to the Zvezda plant soon

Nuclear floating power unit Academician Lomonosov is approaching the port of Pevek

The construction of the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear plant is completed
The nuclear floating power unit Academician Lomonosov is transferred to the customer, the Rosenergoatom.
The construction was ended with the signing of the acceptance act under which the power plant has passed all of the tests provided in the technical project, and successfully confirmed its characteristics.

The second Novovoronezh NPP-2 power block delivers its first megawatts into the Unified Energy System of Russia
On May 1, 2019, the power startup of the Novovoronezh NPP-2 (Novovoronezh city, the Voronezh Region, an affiliate of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, a part of the Electric Power Division of the Rosatom State corporation) 2nd power block took place.

Delegation from Japan visited Novovoronezh NPP

Russia and China signed the Executive contracts for the construction of Tianwan NPP and Xudabao NPP

449 nuclear units are operating in the world

Rosenergoatom: initial fuel loading began right on schedule at unit No. 2, Novovoronezh-2

Deputy Director General of ROSATOM Nikolai Spasskiy held negotiations in the Kyrgyz Republic

Rosatomflot icebreakers steered 331 ships of 12.7 mln ton total capacity in 2018

Rosenergoatom has obtained a license from Rostechnadzor to operate the decommissioned 1st power block of the Bilibino NPP in its new capacity

453 nuclear units are operating in the world

Rosatom Launches Batch Production of MOX Fuel for Fast Neutron Reactor

The works on reinforcing the bed plate of the first facility of the main cooling water system of the power unit No 1 - Unit Pump Station building - started at the construction site of Kursk NPP-2

Rostekhnadzor completed the additional service life readiness check of the power unit No 3 of Balakovo NPP

Leningrad NPP-2: Rostekhnadzor gave permission for operation of the powerplant of the super powerful innovative power unit No 1 with VVER-1200 reactor

HLMC-2018 is to be held at JSC SSC RF - IPPE (Obninsk, Russia) on October 8-10, 2018

First criticality at Novovoronezh-2-2 would be achieved in December 2018

VVER-1200 power unit No 1 of Leningrad NPP has successfully passed the final test and is ready for commissioning

453 nuclear units are operating in the world

Leningrad NPP: the assembly of the turbine island main equipment has been completed at the construction site of the innovative power unit No 2

Cold and hot trials of the 2nd unit equipment have begun at Novovoronezh NPP-2

Leningrad NPP: in Russia Day the new super powerful unit with VVER-1200 reactor was put at 100% power for the first time

At the power unit No 2 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 the loading of the imitation zone of the VVER-1200 reactor has started

Siegfried Hecker: we are doomed to cooperate
When I look at the past, I have always thought that cooperation was extremely important.My feeling is that we did a lot of good; there were a lot of benefits to both countries. Its often not appreciated that it was actually beneficial to both countries. Itis unfortunate that it came pretty much to an end between U.S. and Russia.
And I also believe very strongly that we are not finished. There are still certain issuesin the nuclear arena that are of common interest. The way that I look at it, we have to cooperate to get the best from nuclear technologies. That would mean nuclear energy, future of nuclear power, and nuclear medicine, all of those things where nuclear does a lot of good, and were not done.
The other is how to prevent the bad things from happening in the nuclear arena. That means the issue of nuclear materials security and safeguarding.

BN-800 is running at 100%

The Forum The Cities and Nuclear Technologies was held in Obninsk

The monument to the pioneers in nuclear energy was inaugurated in Obninsk

Vladimir Poplavskiy passed away
On June 18, SSC RF - IPPE Deputy Director General for Fast Reactors, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor and Doctor of Engineering, Vladimir Mikhaylovich Poplavskiy, passed away.
Vladimir Poplavskiy was born on March 20, 1938 in the town of Shilka in Chita region.
Poplavskiy V.M. started working in the Institute for Physics and Power Engineering in the capacity of an engineer in 1960, after graduating with honors from Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. All his scientific and scientific-organizational activities were inseparably associated with the development of the technology and safety analysis of nuclear power plants with fast neutron reactors. One of the earlier lines of Vladimir's research concerned experimental and analytical investigation of emergency conditions in sodium-water steam generators and development of recommendations for steam generator emergency protection systems.

Reactor vessel is lifted at Novovoronezh NPP-2 second unit

The fourth unit of Leningrad NPP shutdown for a short-term repair

Ministry of energy and Rosatom are considering the question of delay in commissioning of nuclear reactors

The Rostov NPP: 3000 tons of pipes to be mounted on the power unit #4 under construction in 2015

The arrest of the Deputy Director of IPPE is extended until March 25

Kursk NPP: reduced power of unit No. 3

The incident at Leningrad NPP did not affect radiation safety

Kursk NPP reached a new historical maximum of electricity generation

Balakovo-2 is connected to the grid after shutdown

Rostov-3 is connected to the grid
The third unit of Rostov NPP began to give the first kilowatt-hours in the unified power grid of the country.

Excess generation from Rostov NPP can be used to supply the needs of the Crimea

Medvedev has approved a draft agreement between the Russian Federation and Jordan on the NPP construction

Kursk NPP generates 800 billion kilowatt-hours

Atomenergomash has completed steam generator delivery to Tianwan-3

The IAEA experts confirmed the commitment of Kola NPP to continuous operational safety improvement

Short circuit at forty kilometers from the Kursk NPP had no impact on plant operation

China may get a share in SVBR-100

Rostov-1 is disconnected from the network

Balakovo-3 is shutdown for scheduled maintenance

Kalinin-1 will be shutdown for planned maintenance

Rostov NPP has successfully completed loading nuclear fuel into the unit 3

Fuel loading began on Rostov-3

BN-600 is at nominal power

Final inspection on Rostov-3

Balakovo-4 is online

Russia Generally Satisfied With Latest Iran Nuclear Talks: Deputy Foreign Minister

Iran Not Playing Tactical Games in Nuclear Talks: Russian Diplomat

Russia Eyes Nuclear Cooperation With Iran Under International Law: Diplomat

Iran Nuclear Deal May Not Require Ratification: Russian Diplomat

Iran, 5+1 Ministerial Meeting Could be Held in November: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

TV Show Depicting Chernobyl Airs in Russia

Rosatom Developing Solutions to Ensure Energy Supply for Arctic Exploration

Russia Expects to Build 2 More NPP Units in China: Official

Germany, Greece, Italy to Conduct Observation Flights Over Russia: Defense Ministry

China Wishes to Cooperate With Russia on Development of Fast Neutron Reactors

Russia Urges Six Powers, Iran to Set Date for New Nuclear Talks as Deadline Looms

US Aggressive Policy Toward Russia Could Trigger Nuke War: Nuclear Disarmament Advocate

Russian Third Borey-Class Nuclear Sub Completes State Trials: Shipyard

Kola NPP turbine generation is working again

Russian Inspectors to Conduct Observation Flight Over Spain

Russian Scientists Take Water Samples from Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Russia Gives $10Bln Credit to Belarus for Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Russia Among Leaders in Nuclear Security, Technologies

Rosenergoatom: Ukraine Fully and Timely Delivers Equipment for Russian Nuclear Plants

Russia, India Discuss Construction of New Units at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

Lavrov: Russia Hopes US Will Not Go Outside Scope Of Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

Lavrov: Moscow Uninterested in Continuing Sanction War With West

Rouhani Says Iran in Nuclear Energy Talks With Russia to Continue Cooperation

Lavrov Says Cautiously Optimistic on Iran Nuclear Talks

Kremlin Aide: Russia to Sign NPP Construction Deal With Kazakhstan by Year-End

US Official: Preserving Arms Control Cooperation With Russia Becomes More Difficult

Scientists: Russian Fukushima Fallout Expedition to Help Develop Safer Nuclear Plants

Russian Scientists to Examine Kuril Islands for Fukushima Radioactive Waste

US, Russia Can Cooperate on Number of Issues Despite Differences on Ukraine: White House

Deputy PM Rogozin: Russia to Fully Renew Strategic Nuclear Arsenal by 2020

Ivanov: Russia Not to Quit INF Treaty Unless It Sees Security Threats

Russia and Jordan signed Project Development Agreement on Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Russia and South Africa signed the agreement on strategic partnership in nuclear energy

Russia to Lay Down New Borey Class Nuclear Sub in December

Russian Chemical Plant Produces First Nitride Fuel Assembly

Russia, Argentina to Increase Bilateral Trade to Up to $3Bln in 2015

Moscow State University in World Top 200

First-Ever Batch of Newest Nuclear Fuel Produces in Russia

Diplomat: Russia, US May Continue INF Treaty Talks, But Format Not Agreed Yet

Diplomat: Russia Sees No Reason to Discuss Illegal US Sanctions

Russian, Indian Nuclear Experts to Hold Consultations on Prospects of Cooperation

Russia Already Capable of Mirroring US Prompt Global Strike

Russia, Iran Presidents to Discuss Energy, Military Cooperation on Sidelines of SCO Summit

Russian Official: Next Launch of Bulava Missile May Be Multiple

Two More Bulava SLBM Launches Scheduled This Year: Russian Northern Fleet Source

Russia Successfully Test-Fires Bulava SLBM

Energy Minister: No Talks with Iran on Barter Supply of Oil, but Deal is Possible

Western Sanctions Pose No Threat to Russian-Iranian Energy Cooperation: Moscow

Over Ten Warships from Russia North Fleet to Hold Anti-Submarine Drills in Barents Sea

Russian Modified Military Doctrine Not Providing for Preventive Nuclear Strikes

Russia, Algeria Agree to Cooperate in Nuclear Energy, NPP Project Possible

Abbott: Australia Bans Uranium Export to Russia

NIKIET Institute Completes Design of BREST-300 Fast Reactor

No One Would Even Think of Starting Large-Scale Conflict With Russia Putin

Moscow, Tehran to Hold High-Level Meetings in September

Iranian Foreign Minister Says Nuclear Program Focus of Russia Visit

Russian Scientists to Develop Nuclear Waste Removal Technology for Fukushima

Iran Could Become Party to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia Continues Talks With Ukraine on Nuclear Plant Construction - Rosatom

Russia and Algeria have signed an agreement concerning the cooperation in the peaceful uses of atomic energy

Russia Plans First Nuclear Reactor Delivery to Belarus in 2015

Danish Inspectors to Conduct Observation Flight over Russia

Russia to Provide IAEA Inspectors Full Access to Nuclear Facilities in Crimea

Russia, US to Continue Talks on INF Treaty - Pentagon

Asteroid Defense - Casualty in Chilled US-Russia Relations - Expert

Moscow Dismisses INF Treaty Violation Allegations as Part of US Anti-Russian Propaganda

Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan to Conduct Joint Counter-Terrorism Drills

Russia Builds New $28Mln Fighter Jets

Russia Commemorates Kursk Submarine Victims

Australia May Stop Uranium Exports to Russia - Reports

Japan Plans to Increase Agriculture Exports to Russia - Ministry

Russian Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker with Two Reactors in the Works

New Russian Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers Named Arctic, Siberia and Ural

Russia-Iran Oil Deal Consistent With UN Restrictions Energy Minister

Moscow, Astana Drafting Joint Project to Build Kazakhstans First Nuclear Plant

US Tried to Subvert Signing of Major Russian-Iranian Oil Deal Reports

US Deems Russian Drills Provocative Despite Location

Russian Prime Minister Says Budget Plan for 2015 Should Reflect Western Sanctions

UK, US to Carry Out Observation Flight Over Russia

Russia, Belarus to Fly Over Poland Under Open Skies Treaty

Moscow Calls US Report on International Arms Control Total Disinformation

Simultaneous Yukos Verdict, INF Treaty Rhetoric No Coincidence Russias EU Envoy

Combat Aviation Alerted at Russian Far East Airfields Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Military Reaffirms Strict Adherence to INF Treaty

NASA Experts, Russia Sign Radiation Safety Protocol Despite Sanctions

Moscow Expects Middle East Quartet Meeting to Be Held in September Russia UN Envoy

G7 Leaders Say Ready to Impose New Sanctions on Russia

Russia Foreign Ministry Denies US Accusations of Violating INF Treaty

US Releases Report Accusing Russia of Violating INF Treaty

White House Accuses Russia of Violating Nuclear Weapons Pact

Russian, Chinese Companies Sign Memorandum to Build Floating Nuclear Plants

Allegation of INF Treaty Violation Part of US Anti-Russia Campaign - military expert

Washington Says Moscow Violated INF Treaty

No Prospects of Russia-US Second Reset in View - Russian Diplomat

A meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee of the Russian Federation and Bangladesh was held in Moscow

Putin Visits Main Base of Russian Northern Fleet as Part of Navy Day Celebrations

Fifth Borei Class, Fourth Yasen Class Submarines to Form Backbone of Russian Navy

Russian Navy Replenishes Ship, Submarine Supply

Putin to Take Part in Russian Navy Day Celebrations in Severomorsk

Borei-Class Submarines Enter Service Ahead of Russian Navy Day

Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC met with the representatives of the Administration of Mersin Province (Turkey)

Russia, Israel Joining Efforts to Improve International Terrorism Law

Russia Planning 3 Advanced Fast-Breeder Reactors at Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant by 2030

Russia to Build Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research Complex by 2017

US Military Inspectors to Fly Over Russian Territory

Russian, Iranian Presidents Discuss Nuclear Negotiations by Phone Kremlin

Russia Creates Unique Station to Analyze Seismic Activity in Arctic

Russia Transfers $6.8 Million for Arctic Council Environmental Projects

India, Russia Start Naval Drills in Sea of Japan

Two More GLONASS Stations to Open in Brazil Brazilian Foreign Minister

Russia, Saudi Arabia to Sign Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Deal

Russian Drills Aim at Potential Nuclear Disaster Response Ministry

Russia Sends Envoy to International Agencies in Vienna to Attend July 13 P5+1 Talks

Russia, India to Hold Naval Exercises in Sea of Japan

Russian Engineering Universities Rank High on Global Ratings

Crimea Sees Creation of First CBRN Defense Unit

Nuclear Chain Reaction to be Launched at Russia Fast-Neutron Reactor

Kiev Has No Intention to Turn Down Russian Nuclear Fuel - Ukrainian Energy Ministry

Russia, Iran to Sign Contract on Two Energy Blocks by Year End

Major Couterterrorism Project Frozen due to Russia-NATO Dispute - Alliance Ex-Official

Russian Navy to Equip Fifth-Generation Submarines With Military Robots

World Nuclear Energy Shifts to Asia - Rosatom

Russia to Allocate $26 Billion to Atomic Energy Complex Development

Russian Androids to Surpass Western Alternatives Deputy Prime Minister

Putin, Hollande to Discuss Ukrainian Crackdown Ahead of D-Day

Russia to Use Nuclear Fleet in Arctic Rescue Missions

Russia to Conduct First-Ever Extreme Space Research Aboard Satellite

NASA Experts to Discuss Lunar Missions in Russia Despite Sanctions

Russia, Belarus Settle Nuclear Power Plant Dispute

Russia to Test Two Bulava Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles This Autumn

Russian Strategic Missile Troops to Conduct 120 drills, Test 12 ICBMs by 2015

Russia to Help Kazakhstan Build Nuclear Power Plant

Russia Lays Down 6th Kilo-Class Sub for Vietnam

Putin, Nazarbayev to Discuss Energy Cooperation, Ink Agreements on Peaceful Atom Official

Russia, Argentina in Talks on Energy Investments Lavrov

Russia to Build 2 More Emergency Rescue Centers on Arctic Coast

Russia, Turkey to Discuss Ukraine at Moscow Meeting

Russia Working to Develop Promising Energy Sources Putin

Moscow to Respond if US Speeds Up European Missile Defense Foreign Ministry

Share of Nuclear Power in Russian Energy Balance Should Reach 25 Percent Putin

Putin Discusses Top-Level Cooperation With New Indian Prime Minister

Normalizing Russia-West Relations Requires Dialogue Russian NGO

Russia May Sign Agreement to Build 8 Reactors in Iran

Medvedev Instructs to Submit Proposals for Public Funding of Nuclear and Biomedicine

Norway Signs Deal on Nuclear Waste Disposal System in Northern Russia

Russia and China Call for Compromise on Iran Nuclear Issue

Putin Expects Stronger Relations With India After Opposition Win

Chinese Companies to Help Build Russian Transbaikal Plant

All Russian Missile Divisions to Receive Yars Simulators This Year

Russia to Refit 2 Sierra-Class Nuclear Subs

Russian Foreign Ministry Brands New EU Sanctions Irresponsible

Russia to Quadruple Precision Strategic Weapon Platforms by 2021

Russia Test Launches ICBM During Exercises Led by Putin

Russian Deputy FM Says Washington Cutting Bilateral Ties with Moscow Over Ukraine

Russia to Build Worlds Largest MBIR Fast Neutron Nuclear Reactor

Russian Customs Rejects Radioactive Cars From Japan

Russian Nuclear Inspectors Tour Demolished US Launch Facilities

Russian Scientists Hand Over Synchrotron to US Lab Despite Sanctions

Russia to Build Network of Modern Naval Bases in Arctic - Putin

Russian Customs Rejects Radioactive Cars From Japan

Russian Fast Neutron Nuclear Reactor Design Moves Forward

First Borey-Class Strategic Sub Ready for Combat Patrols - Russian Navy

Rosatom Urges Ukraine Not to Politicize Nuclear Fuel Supplies

Safety Levels High at Russian Nuclear Power Plants Watchdog

Russia Nuclear, Missile Industries Completely Domestic Electronics CEO

US to Curtail Cooperation with Russia Under Disarmament Agreement

Russia, US Complete Warheads-for-Fuel Program

Russia Should Boost Military Ties With Iran Amid Standoff With West

Russian Government Working on New Iran Oil Deliveries Scheme

US Energy Department Halts Cooperation with Russia on Peaceful Nuclear Projects

US Pullout on Missile Defense Talks Wont Impact Russia

Pentagon Suspends Missile Shield Talks with Russia over Ukraine

Europe Risks Losses of $215 Billion by Stopping Russian Gas Imports Report

Kazakhstan Gives Green Light for Russian Nuclear Transit

16,000 Chernobyl Veterans Awarded Increased Compensation

Russia Poses No Threat to Ukraine Nuclear Sites Russian FM

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Chief to Visit Russia Lavrov

Russian Navy Unveils New Class of Submarines

OECD Freezes Russia Membership Bid

Deputy PM Says Russia Should Re-Arm Amid US, NATO Threats

Russia Mulls Banning US Nuclear Arms Inspections Source

Russia Plans 2 More Ballistic Missile Tests in March

Russia Test-Fires ICBM to Target in Kazakhstan

Russia to Overhaul Fleet of Amphibious Assault Ships Minister

3 Missile Corvettes to Join Russian Navy by 2016

Russia Prepares for Naval Drills with China, India, ASEAN

US Ambassador Leaves Russia After Mixed Stint

Obama, Putin Hold Constructive Call on Ukraine Crisis

Russian Sub to Feature Advanced Quiet Propulsion by 2016

Russia to Strengthen Mediterranean Force With Stealth Subs

Shoigu Says Rumors of Russian Military Downfall Nonsense

Russian Defense Minister Visits Pacific Nuclear Sub Base

Russian Rear Admiral Kills Himself Over Painkiller Red Tape

DowAksa announces investments in the Nanotechnology Center of Composites

Russian Economic Development Minister to Visit Iran

Russia Slams New US Sanctions Against Iran

Obama Says No Icy Relations with Tough Guy Putin

Russia to Begin Building 9 Submarines by Next Year

Russia Gives N. Korea Grain Supplies, Expects No Nuclear Test

Russia Prepared to Modify Submarines for Indian Tender

Criminal Group Suspected of $30M Fraud at Russian Shipyard

US Official to Visit Russia to Discuss Defense Issues

Russia May Build New Aircraft Carrier by 2023 Designer

US Alleges Russian Missile Treaty Violation Report

Russian Bank Fined $9.5M by US for Violating Iran Sanctions

Russia Predicts Far East Tsunami in 2014

Head of Major Russian Shipyard Accused of Fraud

Russian Carrier Group Conducting Exercises in Mediterranean

Russia Begins Nuclear-Powered Missile Cruiser Overhaul

Russia Plans Cruise Missile Tests, Bomber Patrols for 2014

New Siberian Particle Accelerator Gets Official Backing

Russia Begins Construction of National Defense Center

Iran Stresses Nuclear Deal Compliance in Meeting With Putin

Russia Says No Secret Plans With Iran, Syria for Geneva Talks

Russia to Lend Hungary $13.7Bln for Nuclear Plant

Ukraine Secures $6Bln Loan Option to Develop Atomic Energy

Russia to Triple Uranium Production in Next 2 Years Rosatom

Russian Pilots to Train in Enhanced Il-38N Aircraft in 2014

Russian Navy to Get 40 New Ships in 2014

Russia Commissions New Attack Submarine

Northern Fleet Deploys New Borey-Class Nuclear Subs

Russia Test-Fires ICBM to Target in Kazakhstan

New Russian Attack Sub to Join Navy on Dec. 30

Russia Test Fires New Yars Ballistic Missile

Russian Diplomat Laments Stagnation in Ties With US

Russia to Test-Fly New Bomber in 2019

Russia to Commission 2nd Borey Nuclear Sub on Dec. 23

Russian Military to Decide on Missile Deployment at NATO Borders

Moscow Sees No Pause in US Relations, Ready to Receive Obama

Putin Says No Iskanders Deployed in Kaliningrad

Russia Plans Rail-Mounted Missiles to Counter US Global Strike Program

Iran Expects Russia to Fulfill S-300 System Contract Ambassador

NATO Members Alarmed by Russian Nuclear Missile Deployment

Russian Missile Forces to Field New Heavy Missile by 2020 Commander

Russia Confirms Tactical Missile Deployment on NATO Borders

New US Sanctions on Iran Threaten Nuclear Deal, Russia Warns

Akula-Class Nuclear Subs Overhaul Could Take Decade Shipyard

Russia to Finish Slava-Class Missile Cruiser Refit in 2015

Russia Says Iran Deal Makes US Missile Shield Plan Redundant

Putin Says Bids to Gain Military Dominance Over Russia Futile

Putin Says Missile Defense Systems Threathen Strategic Balance

Director General of ROSATOM S. Kirienko had talks with U.S. Secretary of Energy E. Moniz

The Russian-Kazakh Joint Working Group had its sixth session

Russia Reaffirms Plans to Cooperate With Iran on Peaceful Atom

Russia Warns of Nuclear Response to US Global Strike Program

Russia Warns of Nuclear Response to US Global Strike Program

US-Russian Warheads-for-Fuel Program Completed

Putin Again Slams US Missile Defense Plans

Putin Signs Decree to Implement Sanctions Against North Korea

Iran, Russia Talk New Nuclear Power Plant Deal Report

Russian Nuclear Subs Entry Into Service Pushed Back to 2014

Russia to Deploy 22 New Ballistic Missiles in 2014

US Knew Russia Violated Nuclear Treaty Report

Iran Deal Nullifies Needs for Europe Missile Shield - Russian FM

Russian Military Inspectors to Fly Over Turkey

Putin Praises Iran Nuclear Deal

Russia to Build Disposal Facility for Soviet-Era Nuclear Waste

Putin, Netanyahu Hope for Solution on Iran Nuclear Program

Russian Defense Ministry Blames Makers for Failed Missile Launch

Murmansk Region to Launch New Cruise Itineraries and Arctic Museum

Russia, India to Hold Joint Naval Drills in Sea of Japan

Putin Sees Real Chance for Iranian Nuclear Solution

Russian, US Top Diplomats Discuss Syria, Iran - Moscow

Lavrov Says Good Chance of Nuclear Deal with Iran

US Plan for Iran Nuclear Program Blocked After Hasty Changes Russia

First Chapter of US-Russian Megatons-to-Megawatts Deal Closes

Russia to Start Building 5th Borey Nuclear Sub in 2014

Putin Says Korean Reunification Only Possible via Peaceful Means

Russia Says Iran Not to Blame for Geneva Talks Failure

Nuclear Cruiser Leads Russian Task Force in Mediterranean

Russian Shipbuilder Outlines Concept of Future Attack Submarine

Putin, Saudi King Discuss Syria, Iran - Kremlin

Russia Lavrov Urges Political Will to Solve Iran Nuclear Row

Russia to Offer Ukraine Major Joint Projects if No EU Deal Is Signed

Russian Navy Likely to Receive 2nd Borey Nuclear Sub by Year-End

Iran Talks in Geneva Likely to Include Russian Foreign Minister

Russia to Deliver 2 More Black Hole Subs to Vietnam in 2014

Russia to Deploy More Yars Ballistic Missiles by Year-End

Russian-French nuclear power declaration has been signed

Russia Starts Building Largest-Ever Nuclear Icebreaker

Russian Army Improves Quality of Combat Training

Safety Systems Shut Down Russian Arctic Nuclear Reactor

Russian Strategic Bombers Complete South American Mission

Russian Navy Newest Missile Subs Not Operational Source

Russian Bombers to Continue Patrols Over South America

Russian Tu-160 Strategic Bombers Land in Nicaragua

Putin Checks Readiness of Russia Nuclear Deterrent

Russian Tu-160 Strategic Bombers Land in Venezuela

Russia New Nuclear Sub Completes Sea Trials Shipbuilder

Rosatom Picked to Build $10Bln Jordanian Nuclear Plant Reports

No Russian Ban on Ukrainian Imports After EU Deal Minister

Russian Judge Probed for Awarding Damages to Chernobyl Vets

French PM to Discuss Space, Nuclear Deals in Russia - Envoy

Russian Military Inspectors to Fly Over United States

Moscow Needs More Predictability in NATO Missile Defense Plans

Russia, US Stand Closer on Key World Issues - Ambassador

Russian Nuclear Cruiser Departs on Atlantic Mission

Iran Gives Drone Based on Downed US Spy Plane to Russia

India Looks to Russia as Provider of Future Energy Security

German, Latvian Military Inspectors to Overfly Russia, Belarus

Indian Premier Arrives in Moscow For Summit

Russian Military Inspectors to Fly Over NATO Territory

Indian PM Praises Russia for Assistance in Nuclear Energy Development

US Itching to Join Russia in Anti-Asteroid Nuclear Defense Report

US, Swedish Military Inspectors to Overfly Russia, Belarus

Russian Warheads Fuel Half of US Nuclear Power Official

6-9 Months Enough to Find Solution on Iran Nuclear Program Lavrov

Russian Attack Submarine to Finish Sea Trials This Year Maker

Russia Seeks CTBT Early Entry Into Force
Russia is a strong advocate of the early entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which is to become an essential part of the international legal security system and an important link to the other nonproliferation and disarmament instruments. We strongly believe that it has the potential to become an important confidence building measure.
At present, 183 states have signed the Treaty and, as of April 9, 2012, 161 have ratified it. However, 17 years since the CTBT opened for signature, the prospects for a full-scale launch of the Treaty remain uncertain, which gives cause for serious concerns. We believe that special responsibility for the CTBT future lies with the remaining 8 states among the List of 44, which have to ratify the Treaty in order for it to come into force. Russia urges these countries to join the CTBT as soon as possible and without preconditions.
All states that support the CTBT must doubtless continue their efforts to promote the Treaty and build up positive mass on the way to its universalization and early entry into force.

Rusatom Overseas signed the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding with the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Center at the Czech Technical University in Prague

Russia New Nuclear Submarine Completes White Sea Trials

Russia to Up Nuclear Weapons Spending 50% by 2016

Russians Divided on New Cold War with US Poll

Russia to Test Launch Newest ICBM by Year-End Industry Official

Russian Navy Confirms Discovery of New Island in Arctic

How Soviet Officer Averted 3rd World War 30 Years Ago

Moscow State University Makes Fidel Castro Son Honorary Professor

Russian Press at a Glance, Monday, September 30, 2013

Obama, Kerry Push and Pull in Rocky Year with Russia

Russia, US Neck and Neck in Hypersonic Research Rogozin

Defense Minister Unveils Russia Wartime Plan

Rosatom to Be Key Contractor in Finnish NPP Project Putin Aide

Norwegian Military Inspectors to Fly Over Russia, Belarus

Russian Nuclear Site Worker Killed for Doing Bad Job Investigators

Consequences for Russian Missile Crash Will Be Harsh Official

US, Russia Sign Nuclear Energy Agreement

Criminal Case Opened Over Russian Nuclear Sub Fire

IAEA to Study Environmental Impact of Russian Power Plant in Baltic

Russian Troubled Bulava Missiles Returned to Maker Official

Russian Nuclear Sub Safe After Fire Defense Ministry

Russian Former Energy Manager Gets 3 Years for $3M Embezzlement

Fire on Nuclear Submarine in Russian Far East Extinguished

Canadian Military Inspectors to Fly over Russia, Belarus

Putin Holds First Talks With New Iranian President

Russian, Iranian Leaders to Discuss S-300 Deliveries Deadlock

Putin Uses NYT Op-Ed to Warn US Against Syria Strike

Russian Lawmakers Call for More Arms to Iran if Syria Attacked

Russian Parliament Urges US to Drop Syria Attack Plans

Development of S-500 Air Defense System on Schedule Maker

Russian Military Inspectors to Fly Over France

Russia Puts Submarine Trials on Hold After Bulava Failure

Russia Questions IAEA on Syrian Nuclear Risks

US, Russia Need New Reset Putin Spokesman

Russia to Question IAEA on Syria Nuclear Risks

Russia Begins Open Skies Flights Over US

Russia to Open Trade Mission in South Africa

Russian FM Lavrov to Meet with South African Counterpart

White House-Kremlin Cold War Hotline Turns 50

Russia Reiterates Offer to Help Clean Up Fukushima Radiation

S-300 Missiles for Iran Dismantled, Scrapped Manufacturer

Italian Military Inspectors to Fly over Russia

Russia Inspects US Missile Defense Base in California Report

Iran President to Attend SCO Summit, Meet Putin

Largest Piece So Far of Chelyabinsk Meteorite Found Scientists

US, Russian Officials Discuss Missile Defense

Russian Navy to Receive 10 Rescue Vessels by Year-End

Estonian, Finnish Military Inspectors to Fly over Russia

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Plume Lingered for Months NASA

Fukushima Children Come to Russian Far East for Holiday

Moscow Hails Reopening of North-South Korean Industrial Park

No Progress in Russia-NATO Missile Defense Talks Official

No S-300 Substitute for Iran in the Cards Rosoboronexport

British Military Inspectors to Fly Over Russia, Belarus

Iran to Sign New Nuclear Power Plant Deal with Russia Minister

Nuke Deals to Proceed Despite US-Russian Spat Paper

Putin to Meet With New Iranian President on Sept. 13

5 States Agree to Help Russia Build Heavy-Ion Collider

US, Russia to Discuss Obstacles in Relations

Russian, UK Inspectors to Conduct Open Skies Mission Over Sweden

Russia Expects Continuity in Iran Cooperation After Rouhanis Election - Lawmaker

Top Russian Physics Centers Face Kremlin-Backed Merger Report

Radiation-Contaminated Japanese Cars Still Concern Russian Customs

New Sanctions Will Suffocate Iran Russian Diplomat

Iran Not in S-300 Missile Replacement Talks Envoy

Russia Set to Create National Defense Center

Putin Notes High Rate of Signed Defense Contracts

Russian Mediterranean Fleet Foreign Policy Tool Ex-Navy Chief

Russia Begins Inspection Flights Over United States

New Russian Attack Sub to Have Advanced Sensors

Russian Defense Ministry Signs $100 Mln Deal to Overhaul 3 Tu-160 Bombers

Russia Mulls Opening Branch of Skolkovo Tech Hub in Belarus

Six Nations Committed to Extensive Talks with Iran Russia

Evacuation of North Pole Station to Cost Russia $2 Mln

Putin Affirms Russia Focus on High-Precision Weaponry

New Russian Air Defense System to Detect Missiles at Blastoff

Russian Shipyard Confirms Delivery of 3 Nuclear Subs in 2013

Russia to Field 30 Times More Cruise Missiles by 2020

Russia to Lay Down 3rd Yasen Class Nuclear Sub on July 26

US Officials Say Russia Violating Missile Treaty Report

Moscow to Hold Nuclear Talks With Pyongyang

N.Korea, Russia to Discuss Resumption of Six-Party Talks

Russian-US Warheads-for-Fuel Program to End in 2013

No Obstacles to Russian Nuclear Tech Use in Europe Envoy

US-Russia Bombs-to-Fuel Program 95% Complete - NNSA

Russian Defense Ministry Signs $23 Bln in Arms Deals

Nuclear Arms Reduction Deals to Become Multilateral Lavrov

Russian Nuclear Chief Eyes UK Opportunities

Nuclear Medical Centers to Open in 5 Russian Cities Rusnano

Obama Extends National Emergency on Russian Nuke Material

Moscow Links More Nuclear Cuts to Missile Defense - Minister

Obama Nuclear Arms Pitch More About Legacy Than Russia Analysts

Russia Skeptical Over Obama New Nuclear Reduction Proposal

Obama Urges Further US-Russian Nuclear Cuts

Missile Defense Dispute Requires More Transparency Putin

US Lawmakers Put Brakes on Russia START Nuclear Pact

Putin, Obama Optimistic About Future of Iran Nuclear Talks

Russian MP Rules Out US Military Scenario for Iran

Putin Congratulates Iran Rouhani with Election, Offers Cooperation

US Lawmaker Seeks Pentagon Checks on Russia Energy, Military

Russian Church, Scientists Clash Over Theology for Physicists

Upgraded Nuclear Cruiser to Rejoin Russian Navy in 2018

Russia Third Borey-Class Sub Blessed for Sea Trials

Missile Defense Key to Developing US-Russian Ties MP

Russia No Security Rival to Washington US Ambassador

Russian Rescue Mission Reaches Drifting North Pole Station

Russian Nuclear Submarine Contracts Underpriced

Russia Tests Missile Defense Killer

Russia Welcomes North-South Korea Talks

Kremlin Restates Security Interests in Mediterranean

US, Russia Urge Iran to Cooperate With IAEA

Russia to Host Annual Regional Security Conferences

Kaspersky Lab Uncovers Global Cyberespionage Network

Russia New Nuclear Sub in Sea Trials

Vice-president of Rusatom Overseas Jukka Laaksonen gave a report on global expansion of VVER technology

VetroOGK to Build Wind Energy Parks in South Russia

Russia Calls For Multilateral Nuclear Cuts

Missiles but No Meteorites on US-Russian Agenda Official

Moscow Welcomes N.Korea Bid to Return to Nuclear Talks

Foreign Defense Officials Visit Russian Military Base

Putin, Obama to Meet in June, September - Kremlin

Russian Navy Shipbuilding Program at Risk - Deputy PM

Missile Defense Obstructs Nuclear Forces Cuts - General

US Lawmakers Try to Block Sharing Missile Defense Data with Russia

Putin Calls on Shipbuilder to Speed Up Naval Deliveries

Russia to Scrap World Biggest Nuclear Subs

Russia Concerned Over N.Korea Missile Launches - Minister

Putin Reaffirms S. Africa Nuclear Power Assistance

Russia Boosts Emergencies Space Monitoring

Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Enter Mediterranean

N.Korea Rejects Kaesong Talks

US Ready to Rumble with Iran, Russia

CIA Spy Row Wont Affect Russia-US Ties - Senator

Russia, Vietnam Discuss Investment Projects

Russian Security Council Chief Upbeat Ahead of US Visit

Russian View on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
The preparatory committee for the 2015 NPT review conference took place in Geneva on April 22-May 3.
Russia views strengthening the NPT regime as a crucial task, and considers it, unquestionably, a foreign policy priority. We believe that the Treaty realization and consolidation serves the interests of all states.
Before the conference, the five NPT nuclear-weapons states met in Geneva on April 18-19, under the Russian Federation chairmanship. They reviewed the progress made towards fulfilling the commitments made at the 2010 NPT review conference, and continued discussions on issues related to all three pillars of the NPT: non-proliferation, the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and disarmament. The participants issued a joint statement which was submitted as a preparation committee document at the NPT review conference.
One of the most serious issues on the agenda of the NPT review process is the creation of the nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle East.

Moscow Urges Mideast WMD-Free Zone Conference

Aliens Messed with US, Soviet Nukes US Airmen

Three Russian Nuke Subs to Be Recommissioned in 2013

Russia, Japan Demand N.Korea Comply With UN Resolutions

Russia Ready to Boost Energy Supplies to Japan Putin

Military Court Acquits Nerpa Submarine Tragedy Suspects

Ukraine Thanks Russia, US for Chernobyl Aid

Jury Clears Two Men in Nerpa Submarine Disaster Retrial

Greenpeace Urges Evacuation From Contaminated Urals Area

NATO-Russia Partnership Yet to Become Strategic - SecGen

China Offers Russia Floating Nuke Plant Joint Project

Investigators Deny Secret Video in Submarine Disaster Trial

Three Nuclear Subs to Join Russian Navy by Yearend

Egypt Invites Russia to Join NPP, Uranium Mining Projects

Murmansk and Norway to Cooperate on Radiation Safety

Russia to Get New ICBM Later this Year

Medvedev Offers Prize for Plan to Diversify Economy

Kurchatov Institute Gets $230 Mln From Federal Budget

Moscow Says It Is Ready to Pick Up Positive Signals from US

Putin Warns Korean Crisis Could Be Worse Than Chernobyl

Moscow Hails US Decision to Delay Missile Test

Russian Strategic Bomber Burned Beyond Recovery Paper

Russian Deputy PM Says Cooperation with CERN Important

US, Russia Remove Nuclear Material From Czech Republic

Photo exhibition The Russian Nuclear Power started in Bangladesh

Russia Eyes Nuclear Power Project in Finland Source

N.Korea Actions Complicate Nuclear Talk Prospects - Russia

Putin, Obama to Meet in June - Kremlin

US Needs 5-7 GBIs to Intercept One Topol ICBM - Expert

Russia to Scrap Last Soviet-Era Nuclear Sub by 2014

Russian Military Says CFE Treaty Has No Future

Russian Third Borey-Class Sub to Start Trials in June

Moscow Calls for Restraint Amid Korean Peninsula Tensions

Russia to Deliver First Kilo Class Sub to Vietnam in 2013

Russian Navy Develops New Mini Submarines

Moscow Warns Against Muscle Flexing Around N. Korea

Joint Russia-NATO Missile Shield Inefficient - Rasmussen

Russia Offers S. Africa Help With Nuclear Power

US, Russian Defense Chiefs Agree to Resume Missile Defense Talks

Shoigu Urges Pentagon to Revive Missile Defense Dialogue

Moscow Police Seize 14 Kg of Radioactive Material from College Teacher

Second Borey-Class Sub to Join Russian Navy by Yearend

Moscow to Study New US Missile Defense Proposals

Moscow to Discuss Changes in US Missile Defense Plans

Russia to Modernize Akula Class Attack Submarines

China, Russia to Stand Together on Missile Defense in AsPac

Russian 5G Submarine to Feature New Stealth Technology

Rostov NPP: international experts paid a preliminary visit

Moscow Needs Explanations on US Missile Shield Changes

Moscow Unimpressed by Changes in US Missile Defense Plans

Russia Goes Ahead with 5G Submarine Project

US Missile Defense Shift No Way About Russia

Russian Mediterranean Task Force to Comprise 5-6 Warships Navy Chief

Russia, UK to Discuss Prospects of Military Cooperation

Russian Navy to Receive 24 Subs, 54 Warships by 2020

Chinese Leader Russia Visit to Boost Strategic Partnership

Russia, US In For Serious Missile Defense Talks - Ambassador

Moscow Urges Libya to Stop Arms Leakage

Russia Invites US Military Chief to Missile Defense Talks

Russia to Back UN Sanctions Against North Korea - Ambassador

Russia to Resurrect Titanium Submarines

Russia Needs Million Under Arms Says Kremlin Chief of Staff

Russia Calls for UN Security Council Meeting on N.Korea

Putin, Ukrainian President to Hold Talks

Soviet Nuclear Spy Daughter Refutes Rumor About Offspring

Medvedev Paints Gloomy Picture of US Missile Defense Dispute

A delegation of the Royal Navy of the Great Britain visited the Atomic Energy Information Center in Murmansk

VTB Offers $1Bln Loan For Vietnam Nuclear Plant

Russia Expects Bilateral Trade with Brazil to Reach $10 Bln

Later Borey Class Subs to Carry Only 16 Missiles Source

Russian PM Medvedev Arrives in Brazil

Putin Meets with Jordanian King Abdullah II

Moscow Against North Korea Trade Sanctions

Russia, Jordan Leaders to Discuss Nuclear Power Project

Russian PM Medvedev to Visit Brazil, Cuba

Lavrov, Kerry Talk Syria Settlement, North Korea Test

Over 24,000 Workers Involved in Urals Meteor Blast Cleanup

Divers Find No Trace of Meteorite in Urals Lake

Meteorite Fireball Slams Into Russia, 1,000 Hurt

Meteorite Shower Hits Russia, Kazakhstan

Russia Ready to Consider Further Nuclear Arms Cuts - Ministry

Russia Touts New Submarine

Sanctions Against Iran Counterproductive - Moscow

US Expects No Breakthroughs during Gottemoeller Moscow Visit

Almaty Nuke Talks to Reconcile Russian, EU Plans Iran FM

Kalinin NPP: a visit of permanent representatives to international organizations in Vienna

Lavrov Calls Magnitsky Act Demonstrative Anti-Russian Move

Missile Sub Rejoins Russias Northern Fleet After Refit

Rusnano Chief Chubais Joins US Tri Alpha Energy Board

US Arms Official Plans Moscow Talks

Syrian Chemical Weapons Under Control - FM Lavrov

No Plans for Obama to Visit Russia Before G20 Summit

Russia to Prioritize Military Industry - PM Medvedev

Czech public representatives visited Novovoronezh NPP

NATO Hopes for Missile Defense Accord with Russia

Church vs. Nukes: The Dilemma of a Secret Russian Town
Sarov disappeared from Soviet maps in 1946, transformed by fiat from a minor provincial town into a key site for the research and development of nuclear weapons some of which stand on display in a strict-ruled museum. The location was ideal: not too far from Moscow, hidden by woodland, but with functional buildings already in place.
Some of those buildings had once belonged to the sixth largest monastery in pre- revolutionary Russia. Its bell tower still dominates the skyline, but has no bells: It survived only because it was topped with television transmitters, which were removed just last year. The town main street barrels through the monastery 18th- century compound. The main churches were blown up by Soviet authorities in the 1950s, a quarter-century after the cloister had been closed and converted first, to a juvenile prison, then to a military factory. One of the churches left standing served in Soviet times as a theater.
Today, Sarov best known by its longest-lasting Soviet code name, Arzamas-16 prides itself on facilities such as Russian largest supercomputer.

Russia Urges Iran Again to Halt Nuclear Enrichment

Russia Concerned by Reports of Israeli Air Strike on Syria

Clinton Urges Russia to be More Integrated

Differences Over Venue Delay Iran Plus Six Meeting - Lavrov

No flexibility in US Missile Talks - Medvedev

Kerry Confident US-Russia Ties Can Be Improved

Lavrov Warns Against Strikes on Iranian Nuclear Sites

Italian Combat Vehicle in New Fight With Russian Tigr

Russia Ready to Back North Korea Resolution - UN envoy

Russia Starts Third Borey-Class Sub Test

OECD Accession Priority For Russia - Medvedev

Russia, Bangladesh Ink Arms, Energy Deals

Russia to Lend Bangladesh $500 Million for NPP Construction

Russia Pledges $1 Bln Arms Loan to Bangladesh

Russia to Lay Down Two Improved Borey Class Subs in 2013

Russia Commissions First Borey Class Nuclear Sub

Russia, China Plan to Boost Cooperation on Missile Defense

Russian Navy to Get 80 Support Ships by 2016

Russian Navy to Get Over 50 New Warships by 2016

Nuclear Town Zoo Celebrates Year of the Snake

First Borey Class Nuclear Sub to Join Russian Navy on Sunday

Russia to Triple State Defense Order by 2015

Russia, China Launch Stage Two in Joint Nuclear Plant Project

Russia to Bring Back Railroad-Based ICBM Source

India Claims Problems With Russian-Leased Nuclear Sub

Russian Hi-tech Hub Approves Participants Criteria

Russia to Float Out New Borey Class Sub on Dec. 30

Russia, UAE Sign Nuclear Cooperation Deal

Russia Plans to Raise Lost Submarine

Russia to Spend $183 Mln on Chemical, Bio Defense in 2013

First Australian Uranium Shipment Arrives in Russia

Russia, China Ink Deal to Build 2 New Nuclear Reactors

Ministry Dismisses Bulava Test Reports

Obama Hails Disarmament Pact With Russia

Russia Warns N.Korea Against Rocket Launch

Severodvinsk Sub Acceptance Delayed Says Ministry

Submerged Severodvinsk Sub Test Fires Cruise Missile

Soviet Officer Wins Award for Preventing Nuclear War

Moscow to Take Up Nuclear Issue with Tehran

Military Academy Relocation Put on Ice

Increased Role in Defense, Nuclear Sectors for Private Firms Rogozin

Russian Nuclear Briefcase Handed over to Shoigu

Russia Urges Better International Nuclear Disaster Notification

Russia to Keep Silo and Mobile ICBM Launchers in Future

Skolkovo Institute Teams Up with Defense Companies

Russia Wants to Build UK Nuclear Plants Shuvalov

Moscow to Block Any Bid for Force Against Iran - Lavrov

Russia to Commission First Borey Class Nuclear Sub in 2013

Russia to Salvage Sunken Nuclear Subs - Media

Russia Quits Nunn-Lugar Program

Moscow Warns over Use of Force Against Iran

Moscow Urges Six-Party Talks on Iran

Unit 4 of Kalinin NPP released for commercial operation

Russian Military Dumps Unified Nuclear Command Plan - media

Bulava Tests Postponed Due to Software Glitches

U.S.-Russia Commission Discusses New START Implementation

Former Nuke Sub Facility Chief Sentenced For Fraud

Moscow Rejects U.S. Claims of Arms Control Breaches

Borey Class Subs to be Deployed in Russian North, Pacific Fleets

Russia Calls on U.S. to Ratify Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

U.S. Hails Russia Readiness for Nuclear Cuts

Atomenergoproekt completed the 2012 topographic mapping program of Akkuyu NPP location region

Russian Spies Top Priority for Czech Intelligence

U.S. Iran Sanctions Threaten Ties With Russia Official

New Ballistic Missile Sub to Join Fleet in September

Russian Mars Water Sniffer Goes Online

Nuclear Submarine to Serve Decade After Refit

First Borey Class Subs to be Deployed in Pacific

Russian Water Sniffer Feeds Curiosity

Baltic Shipyard to Build $1 Bln Atomflot Icebreaker

Iran to Drop $4-bln Claim if Russia Delivers S-300 Missiles: Envoy

Putin Attends Nuclear Sub Ceremony

Baltic NPP: New sports grounds in Neman district a gift from nuclear engineers

Putin to Lay Down Russia Fourth Borei Class Sub

Russia to Build New Aircraft Carrier After 2020

Russia to Lay Down Fourth Borei Class Sub July 30

Court Upholds Guilty Verdict for Nuclear Sub Captain, Sailor

Russia Calls on Iran to Pull Missile Deal Claim - Paper

Russia, Belarus Sign $10 Bln Nuclear Power Plant Deal

Kalinin NPP Holds Meeting of Chief Engineers of Russian Nuclear Power Plants

Russia, India Agree Additional Kudankulam NPP Financing

Baltic NPP: a meeting of heads of construction and organizations held

havez Slams Clinton for Threatening Russia

Russian Army Chief Starts Visit to the United States

Proactive Diplomacy Defends State Interests Putin

Russia Second Borey Class Sub to Enter Service by Yearend

Russia to Convert Two Reactors to LEU in 2014

Putin Discusses Iran, Economics in Israel

Bulava De Facto Enters Service Navy Chief

Russian Scientists Confirm 117th Element

Putin to Discuss Syria, Iran during Middle East Tour

Iran Meeting in Moscow Brings No Progress - Russia

Belarus, Russia to Sign Nuclear Plant Deal in July

Russian Sub Builders to Get New Management

Putin Pessimistic on Missile Defense Problem

Rogozin in Climbdown Over Long-Range Bomber

Obama Extends National Emergency Over Russian Nuke Material

Russia, U.S. Want Serious Efforts from Iran to Restore Trust

Putin, Obama Call on N. Korea to Meet Six-Party Commitments

Putin, Obama Agree to Continue Dialogue on Missile Defense

Rostov NPP: a foreign delegation visited units under construction

Moscow Warns against Unilateral Sanctions on Iran

Russia Supports Iran Peaceful Nuclear Program - Putin

Russia, Kazakhstan Extend Friendship Treaty for 10 Years

Rogozin Doubts Need to Develop New Strategic Bomber

Yury Dolgoruky to Complete Sea Trial on Thursday

Russia, China in Fast Neutron Reactor Talks

Putin to Hold Talks with Ahmadinejad

Kremlin Outlines Russia-EU Summit Agenda

Putin Visit Signals Upswing in Belarus Ties

Russia, Belarus Initial Nuclear Power Plant Construction Deal

OMZ Shares Soar on MICEX on Private Float News

Borey Submarine Contract Signed - Shipbuilding Corp.

Russia Joins OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Russia Has No Business in NATO Missile Defense Polish MP

NATO Regrets Russias Stance on European Missile Shield

Moscow Reiterates Missile Defense Threats

Japanese Boost Nuclear Submarine Reactor Disposal

Microsoft to Invest Millions in Russian Hi-Tech Hub

U.S. Held 5 Inspections of Russias Strategic Missile Forces - SMF Commander

Russian Convicted of Passing Military Secrets

Medvedev Warns of Full-Blown Wars

Russia Tightens Defense Contract Standards

A construction control panel meeting was held on the site of Baltic NPP

Installation of the first reactor containment dome completed at Novovoronezh II

Russia Against New Iran Sanctions

Russian Charged with Passing Bulava Missile Secrets

Bushehr to Begin Operations in 2012 - Rosatom

Repair of Rostov-1 prolonged

Russia to Test New Naval Air Defense System by Year End

Russian, U.S. Presidents to Continue Reset

U.S. Vows to Go Ahead with Missile Shield, Hopes for Russia Cooperation

Obama, Putin Agree to Continue Reset - White House

Putin Pushes For Guarantees on U.S. Missile shield

Iran, Pakistan, N. Korea May Pose Nuclear Threat to Russia

Supreme Court Cancels Not Guilty Verdict for Nerpa Sub Crew

Russia: No Plans to Pull Out of INF Treaty

Russia Repeats Iskander Deployment Threat

Russian Military Concedes Iran, N. Korea Nuclear Threat

Russian Nuclear Reactors Designer Held on Suspicion of Fraud

Kola NPP: unit 3 is disconnected from the network

State Contract for Borey-Class Submarines Faces Delays

Russia Opposes New Sanctions on N. Korea - Lavrov

DPRK Satellite Launch Disregards UN Says Russia

Owner Told to Get Rid of Radioactive Car

Russias Nuclear Arms Industry Fraud Systemic - Prosecutors

India to Induct Russian Nerpa Nuclear Sub on Wed.

Three Charged in $6.3 Mln Nuclear Arms Complex Fraud

Russia Supports Sending More IAEA Experts to Iran

Russia to Build Nuclear Space Engine by 2017

Bulava Missile in for Two More Test Launches

NATO Tells Russia Not to Waste Money on Anti-Shield Deployment

Russian, S.Korean Leaders to Discuss Nuclear Problem

Medvedev, Obama to Discuss Missile Shield, Syria in Seoul

U.S. Denies Disclosing Missile Defense Data to Russia

Aggression Towards Iran Damages Non-Proliferation - Lavrov

Submarines: The Quiet Bulwark of the Russian Navy
Submarines today are still the asymmetric weapon of the Russian Navy, almost to an even greater degree than before 1991. The massive collapse of Russia presence in the world oceans has led to the mass decommissioning of warships.
The boats suffered too, and quantitatively perhaps even more so, but the active surface force is now so diminished that the role of the submarines can only keep growing. In the long run, it is they who will bear the main burden of combat service.
Venturing out into the oceans is now decidedly difficult: despite cutbacks, the U.S. Navy is still capable of squeezing out anyone who encroaches on Washington naval might. Competing with the United States in terms of the number of nuclear anti-aircraft carriers escorted by missile-carrying cruisers is impossible. It is equally impossible to compete in operations in remote theaters: both in terms of provision of ships and overseas bases.
But that is on the surface. Underwater, Russia chances are different, although still not that bright. Below the surface Russian submariners are perfectly capable of putting up a fight against any potential opponents.

Bulava Missile in for More Tests

Putin Calls For More Internal Data from State Firms Paper

U.S. May Disclose Missile Defense Data to Russia

Russia Seeks Compromise on Iran Sanctions

Russia to Try its Best to Ward Off War in Iran Putin

Russia Welcomes N.Korea Nuclear Test Moratorium

Moscow Urges Iran to Respond to IAEA Concerns

Russia Pitches Baltic Nuclear Plant to Europe

Iran strike would be catastrophic: Putin

No Unilateral Disarmament for Russia - Putin

West Seeks Regime Change in Iran - Putin

Only 2% of Americans Consider Russia Greatest Enemy

Russia to Revamp Ballistic Missile Arsenal by 2020

Russian Nuclear Sub to Arrive in India on March 30-31

Northern Shipyard to Build 13 Warships for Russian Navy

Bulava Missile More Dangerous to Russia than to Enemy - Experts

Putin Pledges 400 ICBMs for Russia in Ten Years

Russia Rules Out Iran Sanctions

Russia Would Use Nukes to Stave Off Threats - General Staff

Deputy PM Rogozin Urges Russian Defense Industry Upgrade

Russia Bulava-Carrying Subs to Enter Service in Summer

Russia Set to Build Worlds Most Powerful Laser Station

Russia to Convert Belgorod Submarine for Special Missions

Russian Navy to Drop Lada Class Subs CinC Vysotsky

Russia to Upgrade Over 10 Tu-160 Bombers by 2020

Russian Army Chief: Iran Crisis to Enter New Phase

Russia for Peaceful Solution to Irans Nuke Issue - Lavrov

Officer Committed Suicide aboard Nuclear Sub

Russia Dock Fire Submarine Had Nuclear Warheads - Newspaper

Russian Navy to Get 10 Borey Class Nuclear Subs

Russian Navy 30-Year Development Plan to be Ready by June

Russia May Boost Nuclear Potential - Deputy Defense Min.

Russian Strategic Subs to Resume Routine World Patrols

Disposal of Russian Third Generation Nuclear Subs Suspended

Russia to Build 6 Submarines Annually Deputy PM

Fire-damaged Sub Will Cost $16.5 mln. to Repair Rogozin

Russia to Modernize 30 Tu-22M3 Bombers by 2020

Lavrov to Discuss Space, Nuclear Cooperation in Australia

Prokhorov Suggests Moving Skolkovo to Kaliningrad

Russia, U.S. to Dispose of 34 Tons of Weapon-Grade Plutonium

Defense Ministry Signs Bulava Missile Contract

Russia Hands Over Nerpa Nuclear Sub to India

Russia Bulava Carrying Sub to Enter Service by June

France: Time Running Out for Iran

Russia Warns Against Iran Attack

Russia Warns of Iran Attack Catastrophe

Repair, modernization of fire-damaged sub may cost $30 mln

Russia to hand over nuclear sub to India in January

Can the Yury Dolgoruky fill the Yekaterinburg shoes?
Some Russian experts believe it is possible that Russia will reduce its offensive armaments below the level of 1,550 warheads stipulated in the New START treaty to 1,100-1,300 warheads in order to return to 1,550 as a result of the large-scale renovation of its strategic equipment.
Maj. Gen. Vladimir Dvorkin of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Economy and International Relations (the former head of the Defense Ministry 4th Central Research Institute in charge of scientific and engineering support for the strategic forces) quipped at an international seminar last year that Russia would have to actively build new missiles in order to participate in nuclear disarmament in accordance with the New START ceilings.
But it will be difficult to balance the manufacture of Bulavas relative to Yars missiles. Both are produced by the same Votkinsky Plant in Udmurtia, which is also the sole manufacturer of the tactical Iskander missiles that are badly needed by the Land Forces.
The recommended remedies include expanding the scale of production or at least transferring the manufacture of Iskanders elsewhere.

U.S. says will give no missile defense assurances to Russia

Fire-damaged nuclear sub to be ready in 2014 Rogozin

Russia fire-damaged nuclear sub to be repaired on time - Rogozin

Tehran hails Moscows diplomatic efforts over Iranian nuclear program

Repairs of fire-damaged nuclear sub to take at least one year

Medvedev orders repair of fire-damaged sub

Russian nuclear sub fire put out

First Announcement of International Conference Dedicated to 50th Anniversary of BFS Critical Facility
The Program and Organizing Committees are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to participate in the International Conference dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the BFS critical facility to be held in Obninsk and Moscow from 28.02 to 2.03.2012. The Conference is hosted by the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation - Institute for Physics and Power Engineering named after A. I. Leypunsky.
To bring together nuclear and reactor physics specialists from around the globe to exchange scientific and technical information and to discuss the latest developments in this area. Particular attention in the discussion will focus on issues related to methods and techniques of measurement on critical facilities, estimations and evaluations of reactor experiments, improvements to nuclear data and criticality codes and development of the experimental databases.
Papers in Russian or English are submitted to the Organizing Committee in the day of Conference opening in the form prepared for direct reproduction.

Fire on Russian nuclear sub contained - emergencies minister

Fire breaks out during Russian nuclear sub repairs, no radiation threat

Russian court orders forced sale of major shipyard pledged shares

State lender VEB to launch Innovation Fund in 2012

Russian nuclear sub ready for India transfer

START may be sunk by a nuclear torpedo

Bulava missile ready to deploy

U.S. preparing for tactical nuclear cuts in future arms deal with Russia

Russia reports 25,000 undersea radioactive waste sites

Russia successfully test fires Bulava missiles

Russia test launches two Bulava missiles

U.S., Russia share interest for peace and stability on Korean peninsula

Russia to lease Nerpa nuclear submarine to India by yearend

Radioactive isotopes seized from passenger on Moscow-Tehran flight

U.S. conducts 12 START inspections in Russia in 2011

Russia, India to sign energy, warplane deals

Fire at Vaygach nuclear icebreaker kills two in Siberia

Indian PM to visit Russia

Russian Press at a Glance, Tuesday, November 13, 2011

Russia launches fourth unit at Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant

PM Putin to attend launch of nuclear power unit

Russia to start direct uranium supplies to Japan Rosatom

Moscow sees no military component in Irans nuclear program

Russia, Czech Republic to set up joint nuclear energy venture

Russian Navy to receive 1st Graney class attack sub by end of 2012

Russia to refit Admiral Nakhimov nuclear cruiser after 2012

Russia to start construction of Borey-A class nuclear subs in 2012

Russian specialists embark on construction of Vietnamese nuke plant

Russian missile cruiser Varyag returns home after Pacific trip

Russia Aerospace Defense Forces go on duty to stave off missile threats

Russia activates radar aimed at Europe
Acting in response to U.S. missile shield plans in Europe, Russia has activated a Voronezh-class missile attack early warning radar station.
President Dmitry Medvedev attended the station opening in Kaliningrad, Russia westernmost region bordering on the EU, on Tuesday. It is officially announced that the radar warning station is not aimed against the West, but included in the system of measures to provide an asymmetric response to the unilateral deployment of U.S. ballistic missile defense systems in Europe.
I hope the radar system will work efficiently and properly fulfill its purpose, the president said after congratulating the station crew on entering combat duty.
This radar system has been working in trial mode since early 2011 and was planned to be fully operational in early December. It is directed westward and looks over Europe.
The radar station activated near the city of Kaliningrad is described as an off-the-shelf Voronezh-DM system. Off-the-shelf, or modular, radar systems are delivered from the plant in 23 modules and can be assembled within 12-16 months at a prepared concrete slab site.

Russia NATO envoy to visit China, Iran over missile defense

Russia postpones Bulava missile test

Russia to test launch Bulava missile on Monday

NATO, U.S. set to continue to work with Russia on missile defense

Russia to move missiles to EU borders if U.S. shield talks fail - Medvedev

Russia to grant $8 bln loan to Vietnam to build first nuke plant

Russia says new Iran sanctions unacceptable

U.S. Cisco to open network innovation center at Skolkovo hi-tech hub

Russia ready to dialogue with U.S. on missile defense-Foreign Minister

Russia hopes new Iran resolution is adopted on Friday - FM

Russia to conduct test launch of Bulava missile in November

Iranian sanctions at dead-end says Moscow

Medvedev to assess Russia reaction to European missile defense system

Russia may build more nuclear power plants in Iran

Russia slams IAEA report on Iran as biased

Medvedev urges calm over Iran, warns of catastrophe

Russia to build up submarine task force along Northern Sea Route

Russian scientist may be key to Iranian nuclear weapons - paper

Russian shipbuilder, Defense Ministry agree nuclear sub prices

Russian, S.Korean leaders to discuss cooperation, N.Korea nuclear problem

Russia, Bangladesh sign agreement to build nuclear power plant

Topol ballistic missiles may stay in service until 2019

Russian submarine test-fires Bulava missile successfully

EBRD Supports Modernization Programme of EnergoMashSpetsStal

Gazprom mulls electric power projects in Japan

U.S. has nuclear superiority over Russia

Rosatom ready to mine uranium in Czech Republic

Russia seeks to revive Iran Six talks Lavrov

Iran says still puzzled over scrapped arms deal with Russia

Severodvinsk nuclear sub completes first sea trials

Russia to lease troubled nuclear sub to India in November

No plans to retire Typhoon class subs soon - Russian military

Monaco court acquits Russian ex-nuclear chief Adamov

Russian nuclear sub damaged in collision with fishing ship

Iran in talks with Russia over new nuclear sites

Russia to refit nuclear missile cruisers - media

Iran calls for cooperation with Russia in energy

Russia, France to discuss global security in Moscow

First Borey class nuclear sub to be assigned to Pacific Fleet in 2011

U.S. could threaten Russian strategic nuclear forces - Foreign Minister Lavrov

Yuri Dolgoruky nuclear submarine successfully conducts Bulava missile launch

Russia urges resumption of Iran nuclear talks

Iran welcomes Russian proposal to restart nuclear talks

Russian-U.S. $110 mln uranium fraud case goes to court

UAE in talks with Russia on nuclear fuel supplies-paper

Russian Navy to commission 8 Graney class nuclear subs by 2020

Russia test fires Sineva missile in Barents Sea

Russia, U.S. to hold nuclear security drills in August

Moscow hails N.Korea readiness to resume six-party talks

Russian police arrest businessman in nuclear cruiser scam

Iran lawmakers reject Russian nuclear proposals

Russian research vessel begins Arctic shelf research

Russian reactor reconnected to power grid after shutdown

T-storm shuts down nuclear reactor in central Russia

Russia sends 2nd expedition to support its Arctic claims

Russia set to take part in new Indian submarine tender

Russian defense minister denies plans to build aircraft carriers

Bulava missile to go into serial production - Defense Minister

Russian Navy expects to receive three nuclear submarines by yearend

India to get Russian Nerpa submarine by yearend

Russia may soon test launch Bulava from 2nd Borey class sub

Russia set to build nuclear-powered destroyer by 2016

Russia to build nuclear aircraft carrier by 2023

GE signs preliminary deal on Skolkovo research center

Russian electricity supplies to Belarus not resumed

Russia cuts off electricity supply to Belarus over debt

Russia test fires troubled Bulava missile after 8-month break

Kim Jong-il to visit Russia

Russia warns Belarus on electricity debt

Russia may soon start talks on CERN membership

Russian, Italian scientists to discuss construction of Ignitor reactor

Russia should scrap nuclear energy - poll

Russia says European missiles talks not deadlocked

Leaving politics out of it: Military implications of missile-defense

Russia may develop nuclear offensive, arms race - Serdyukov

Russia, Ukraine to build nuclear fuel production plant

Nuclear threat still high despite weapons cuts, report says

Medvedev approves Russian-U.S. plutonium disposal deal

Radiation levels in Russia Far East remain within norm

New chemical elements synthesized by Russian team recognized

Germany to allot 174 mln euros on nuclear graveyard in Murmansk

Radiation levels in Russia Far East remain within norm

Obama invites Russia to participate in missile defense plans in Europe

Russia, U.S. unlikely to agree on missile defense by end of Obama tenure - U.S. envoy

Medvedev says Russia, U.S. losing time on missile defense

Russia, U.S. fail to agree on missile defense guarantees

Russia lacks personnel to dismantle nuclear sites

Medvedev, Obama discuss missile defense, visas, terrorism at G8 summit

U.S. lifts market restrictions against Rosatom

Russia, U.S. may agree on European missile shield by 2020 - Medvedev

Russia needs ecological barrier on borders - emergencies minister

Gazprom raises gas exports to Europe by 30% - CEO

Russia, U.S. should have separate anti-missile systems, Poland says

Russia tests Sineva SLBM

Russia on U.S. missile plan: No Poland deployment

Moscow and Washington must close the door into the past

Russia to enhance strike potential if missile cooperation with NATO fails

Russia may take action over U.S. missile shield

Russia promises to urge Iran to meet IAEA requirements

U.S. administration optimistic about nuclear test ban treaty ratification

Radiation levels in Russia Far East remain within norm

Medvedev signs Russia-Turkey nuclear papers

No rise in radiation levels in Russia Far East

Russian defense ministry may broadcast live Bulava missile launches

United States unfolding missile defense in Europe de facto - Rogozin

Russia ready to discuss all European missile defense proposals

Russia may counter U.S.-Romanian missile shield deal - lawmaker

Moscow pushes for guarantee U.S. missile shield not targeting Russia

Radiation levels remain within norm in Russia Far East

Moscow keeps tactical nuclear weapons cuts issue low-key - Russian senator

Russia successfully tests Sineva SLBM

Russia ready to increase fuel supplies to Europe, Asia - Putin

Russian, Ukrainian presidents visit Chernobyl Cathedral

Medvedev to propose G8 blueprint for greater nuclear safety

Russian Far East emergencies service reports normal radiation levels

Russia Medvedev to make anniversary trip to Chernobyl

Medvedev to discuss Skolkovo high-tech hub project implementation

Stress tests confirm safety of Russian nuclear plants

Russia reports radiation normal despite Japan nuclear disaster

Russian experts to study Sea of Japan nuclear contamination

Medvedev urges global system to fight disasters

Mars flight possible after 2035 - Roscosmos chief

Japan needs to build sarcophagus over Fukushima reactor - experts

European Space Agency may use Russian technology in nuke-spaceship project

Radiation levels remain within norm in Russia Far East

Russia urges Japan to stop radioactive dumping into Pacific

Russia, Bulgaria to sign EPC contract on Belene nuclear plant

Russia, U.S. to discuss nuke-powered spaceship project

Japan asks Russia for help disposing radioactive water

Radiation levels in Russia Sakhalin Region remain within norm

Russia Far East monitors radiation levels every 2 hours

Russia repeats warning against citizens visiting Japan

Russia, Kazakhstan team up to produce rare earth metals

Radiation level normal in Russia Far East despite Japan disaster - ministry

Russian physicists plan to synthesize element 119 of periodic system

Russian, U.S. experts to conduct joint stress tests at nuclear plants - Rosatom chief

Medvedev suggests wider use of fast-neutron reactors

Russia bans food imports from Japan following nuclear incidents

Russia, U.S. in talks on uranium enrichment joint venture

Uncertain World: Vice President Biden reconnaissance visit to Moscow
Vice President Joe Biden, the second most senior U.S. politician, and a man deeply involved in the Russia policy, is in Moscow on a two day visit.
Biden is the man who first coined the phrase push the reset button during the Munich security conference two years ago.
He also told the Wall Street Journal, in an interview in July 2009, that Russia economy is withering and that the trend would force the country to make accommodations to the West on a wide range of national security issues, including loosening its grip on former Soviet republics and shrinking its vast nuclear arsenal.
And lastly, it was Biden influence in Congress that ensured the New START Treaty was ratified in December 2010.
The reset program formulated in spring 2009 has been fulfilled and the partners now need a new agenda. Biden Moscow trip is the first step in this direction.
There are three sets of issues strategic, regional and economic.

Russia to supply $139mn worth of equipment for ITER

Medvedev, Biden to meet in Moscow

Russia says will complete Bushehr project in near future

U.S.-Russian reset: a house built on sand
The second anniversary of the reset is upon us, and yet experts are still disputing the very meaning of the concept. There are two opposing camps among American studies experts in Russia.
One camp, with roots going back to the Soviet era, believes that the Democrats are more favorably disposed toward Russia than the Republicans because the Democrats are ostensibly more progressive and tolerant of other cultures, including our own. The other camp, made up of post-Soviet pragmatists, thinks that Russia is better off dealing with the Republicans, who are more overtly hostile to Russia. They do not have to prove their patriotism to anyone, and this is why it is easier to reach agreements with them. Think Richard Nixon.
Barack Obama decision to pursue a reset with Russia in 2009 seemed to support the argument of the first camp. Obama, however, was guided by purely pragmatic considerations, which we usually ascribe to his Republican opponents.
Obama has not fallen for Russia. He appears to have much less sympathy for our country than Bill Clinton.

Missile defense, Russia WTO membership top U.S.-Russian agenda in 2011

Atomexpo LLC has become a co-organizer of KazAtomExpo exhibition

Baltic NPP: works at all facilities proceed on schedule

Representatives of Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. (India) visited AEM-Technologies and Petrozavodskmash

Seminar Nuclear Power of Turkey held in Ankara

Atomenergoproekt will start engineering surveys on Akkuyu NPP site in March

With Russia $650 billion rearmament plan, the bear sharpens its teeth

Russia calls for consideration of all factors threatening strategic stability - Lavrov

Russia Lavrov urges restoration of trust in Iran

Moscow calls for nuclear weapon free zone in Mideast

Russia ready to sign radioactive isotope contract with Iran

U.S. to expand civilian nuclear cooperation with Russia - official

Russian, U.S. generals to discuss nuclear terrorism in Lisbon

Russian-Turkish Public Forum kicks off in Istanbul

Russia to help Kyrgyzstan enter Customs Union - Russian customs chief

Lavrov warns against new sanctions on Iran

United States to hold talks on tactical nuclear weapons with Russia

Russia 2nd Graney class nuclear sub to enter service in 2015

Russian Navy to receive new nuclear attack submarine by yearend

Russia says too early to talk tactical nuclear weapons with United States

Russia disappointed with latest Iran talks

Iran should prove peaceful nature of its nuclear program - Medvedev

Russia, Belarus to sign nuclear power plant deal in 1st quarter

Russian, Belarusian premiers to discuss energy prices, nuclear power plant

Russia ready to build nuclear plant in Jordan - presidential aide

Russia, Iran agree to further nuclear discussion

Russia to push for talks on Iran nuclear program in Istanbul - Lavrov

Civilian nuclear breakthrough for U.S.-Russian reset project

Iranian IAEA representative to visit Russia January 20-21

Russia ratifies uranium agreement with Mongolia

Putin hails Medvedev over New START treaty

Russia declines blacklisted Iranian company in port purchase, cites international sanctions

Medvedev signs law easing visa rules for foreign specialists

Russia upper house may ratify New START treaty on Jan. 26

Moscow free of radioactive waste - emergencies minister

Russian lawmakers split over New START ratification

Serbia ships 2.5 tons of nuclear waste to Russia

President Medvedev welcomes START treaty ratification by U.S. Senate

Russia, India to develop new generation reactors

Russia Constitutional Court rules in favor of Chernobyl veterans

Russia ready to finance Egypt first nuclear plant

Russia to cooperate with India on energy, pharmaceuticals

Dmitry Medvedev to head to India

Russian nuclear waste ship launched in Italy

ARMZ acquires Australian uranium producer in $1.2 bln deal

Russia, North Korean at odds over nuclear potential

Civilian nuclear deal enables U.S., Russia to develop nuclear reactors

Russia concerned over North Korean nukes

Russia to start building Turkey first nuclear power plant in 2013 - ambassador

Bulava missile could be modified for ground launches - designer

Alleged Russian spy had access to UK nuclear information - paper

Russia has no grounds to suspect Iran of nuclear weapons plans - Putin

Russia to build up nuclear forces if New START not ratified - Putin

Russia, Bulgaria sign memorandums on Belene nuclear plant

Putin seeks consultation with Europe on energy issues

Russian, Ukrainian leaders to talk industry and energy in Moscow

Russia, China sign oil, gas, nuke agreements

Russia to start work on nuclear space engine next year

Russia to monitor nuclear programs jointly with NATO Medvedev

Moscow hopes Iran Six resume talks December

Venezuelan parliament ratifies nuclear plant constriction deal with Russia

Ukraine expects new nuclear waste export deal with Russia this week

Russia first nuclear institute to join Skolkovo development

Russia, Qatar to discuss energy projects on Wednesday

Russia, Qatar sign memorandum of cooperation on peaceful nuclear use

Medvedev signs nuclear power deal with Vietnam

Russia expects Iran to resume nuclear talks in mid-November

Russia, Ukraine sign agreement on nuclear fuel plant construction

IAEA head hails Russia efforts in nuclear medicine

Russia, IAEA to step up cooperation

Russia expects talks with Iran to be successful - deputy foreign minister

Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia sign nuclear fuel transit deal

Russia would welcome Iranian decision to restart nuclear talks

Russian, Ukrainian experts to discuss nuclear cooperation

Russia, U.S. propose UN General Assembly resolution on arms cuts

U.S. confident in Russia over its nuclear cooperation with Venezuela

Russian government approves nuclear cooperation deal with Japan

Russia, Venezuela sign deal on nuclear power plant construction

Union State of Russia and Belarus needs intensive care
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Sergei Sidorsky will attend a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State of Russia and Belarus in Moscow on October 15, 2010.
On October 5, an important event took place in Russian-Belarusian relations that went largely unnoticed. In Minsk, the transport departments of the two countries signed an agreement on transferring transport control to the external border of the Union State. Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin said that Russia will sign a similar agreement with Kazakhstan, creating a free transport corridor in the countries of the Customs Union. And so, 19 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian-Belarusian border is finally open.
The October 15 meeting will also be important. The sides will discuss the draft budget of the Union State for 2011. Sidorsky has indicated that both countries are actively working on this draft. He called it a growing budget, despite the post-crisis conditions.
However, official information does not always give the full picture of cooperation between Moscow and Minsk in the Union State.

Nuclear arms cuts no longer enough for global security

Bushehr nuclear plant to receive additional Russian staff

Russia loses money, reputation over S-300 sale ban - expert

Russia contract-bound to deliver S-300

Russia, Ukraine to set up uranium enrichment JV - Rosatom

Russia to return $166.8 million prepayment to Iran for S-300 missile defense system

Russian scientists expect increased solar radiation, not doomsday in 2012

Iran says still discussing missile system deal with Russia

Test launches of Russia troubled Bulava missile to be held Thursday

U.S. administration seeks soonest ratification of arms treaty with Russia

Russia increases uranium production 13% in 2010 - Rosatom

Russian, Ukrainian leaders to talk cooperation, attend forum

Arctic expedition diary, blog one
This is the first blog from RIA Novosti correspondent Alexander Stelliferosvky, who went to the northern port of Murmansk to take part in a month-long research expedition in the Arctic.
We are setting out tomorrow around 11 a.m. after a visit by [Deputy Prime Minister] Sergei Ivanov and possibly a news conference.
A brass band is expected to give us a send-off.
There are 15 members of the SP38 polar expedition on board the Arktika-class nuclear-powered icebreaker Rossiya, 22 reporters and about 50 technical support personnel, including construction workers and a helicopter team (eight in all). There is also an unspecified number of a send-off team members.
They say the ship is filled to capacity. I heard some crew members complain they were ordered to share rooms they used to have all to themselves to accommodate the guests. Nevertheless, everyone seems to be happy and relaxed.
The Murmansk port for the nuclear icebreaker fleet is a high security facility and is said to be guarded by the FSO that also guards the Kremlin and its denizens.

Medvedev, Yanukovych to discuss energy cooperation

Russia nuclear subs to continue Arctic navigation

Russia to hand over Nerpa nuclear sub to India in March 2011

Russia newest nuclear sub completes sea trials

Russia to begin 2nd stage of Tianwan nuclear power plant construction next year

No proof Iran building nuclear weapons - Lavrov

Medvedev to discuss energy projects, international issues in China

Russia hopes Iran considers international proposals on nuclear program

Iran uranium enrichment to affect nuclear fuel supply talks - diplomat

Russia proposes fast-breeder reactor cooperation program

Russia, Kuwait pledge nuclear cooperation

Belarus to return some spent nuclear fuel to Russia

Kazakhstan may buy into Russian uranium enterprise

Putin says nuclear energy only alternative to oil, gas

Medvedev to discuss customs union, nuclear issues in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan officially approves Uranium One swap deal with ARMZ

Russian foreign minister calls for clarity in Iranian nuclear issues

Iran eyes nuclear fuel consortium with Russia

Russia to load nuclear fuel into Iran's Bushehr NPP
Russia is completing final preparations to load low-enriched uranium fuel into Iran's first civilian reactor at the Bushehr NPP later on Saturday.
If the operation goes smoothly, Bushehr will be qualified as an operational nuclear power plant. It is expected to start producing electricity late this year or early next.
A Russian delegation headed by Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko will attend the launch ceremony. The Iranian delegation will be led by Ali Akbar Salehi, vice president and Director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI).
Western powers suspect Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons under the guise of its nuclear program, a charge Tehran strongly denies, saying the program is aimed at the peaceful generation of civilian energy.
On June 9, 2010, the UN Security Council approved a fourth round of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, including tougher financial controls and an expanded arms embargo, as well as an asset ban on three dozen companies and a travel freeze on individuals.
Later, the United States and the European Union imposed extra sanctions against Iran.

India still 'hopeful' about nuclear plant despite Russian calls for relocation - paper

Ukraine signs deal on 10% stake in Siberian uranium center

Bangladeshi delegation to visit Russia NPPs

Germany to send nuclear waste to Russia by 2011 - paper

No radiation threats over fires near Sarov nuclear center - Rosatom chief

Mashinostroitelnyi Zavod OJSC visited by delegation from the Republic of South Africa

Belarus may refuse NPP construction deal with Russia - Lukashenko

Bushehr nuclear reactor to be loaded with fuel August 21 - Rosatom

Russia Bryansk region to be monitored over Chernobyl radiation risk from wildfires

The Kursk tragedy: Causes, theories, aftermath
Ten years ago to the day, August 12, 2000, the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea, killing all 118 crewmembers on board.
Designed to combat large surface ships, primarily aircraft carriers, the Kursk was the most advanced submarine in the Russian navy at the time. Construction began in March 1990, and the Kursk set out on her maiden voyage in May 1994.
The sinking of the Kursk remains the worst disaster in the history of the Russian submarine fleet. The accident occurred during an exercise of the North Fleet, in which the Kursk was taking part. The vessel sank at a depth of a little over 100 meters, 108 miles from the Kola Strait.
According to the official explanation, the disaster was caused by the accidental explosion of a torpedo in one of the torpedo tubes, causing other torpedoes to explode. Investigators say that the first blast occurred as a result of a hydrogen composite leaking from micro-cracks in the torpedo's casing, which were caused, in turn, by what they termed extraordinary processes in their report.
As for the crew, they are said to have died in the first 7-8 hours following the blast.

Another Russian nuclear facility threatened by wildfires

Wildfire near Russian nuclear center brought under control

Russia ready to sell Ukraine 10% stake in uranium enrichment center

No threat of nuke explosion at Russia's Sarov nuclear center - Rosatom chief

Russia's Sarov nuclear center safe - Rosatom chief

Bushehr Plant efficiency tests finished

Iran Six must hold talks with Tehran soon - Ryabkov

Russian first deputy PM to discuss pipeline, NPP projects in Bulgaria

Turkish nuclear plant deal with Russia submitted to parliament

First reactor launched for floating nuclear power plant

Russia ratifies deal on cooperation in peaceful atom with Australia

Medvedev calls for strict monitoring of nuclear material trafficking

G8 leaders acknowledge Russia's position on Iran - Medvedev's aid

Russia, Europe may join forces to protect Earth from asteroids

Russian missile cruiser arrives in San Francisco on friendly visit

Russia, Kazakhstan ready to sign wide range of nuke documents - Rosatom head

Russia has no word on Bulgaria scrapping pipeline project - energy minister

Russia shrugs off Bulgaria's stance on joint energy projects - envoy

Lithuanian president criticizes Russia over new nuclear plants

New Russian nuclear submarine will not enter serial production - paper

Putin urges greater reliance on domestic uranium resources

Russian companies expect drop in uranium output after 2025

Russia signs deal with Ukraine on finishing Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant

TENEX and Dominion Nuclear declared a contract for supply of enriched uranium product

Russia, France strike nuclear cooperation deal

Russia, Turkey sign deal on monitoring nuclear safety

Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant to go into operation in August - Putin

Draft UN resolution on Iran almost complete - Lavrov

Iran continues uranium enrichment - Russia

Lithuania calls for full economic integration of Russian Kaliningrad with EU

Russia to transfer its Nerpa nuclear sub to India in autumn 2010

Russia hosts international anti-terrorism forum

Russia, South Korea to discuss Cheonan issue Thursday

Situation on Korean Peninsula explosive - Lavrov

Terrorists still trying to access nuclear materials - Russia's security chief

Tehran agreement on uranium will allow peaceful resolution of Iranian nuclear program - Lavrov

Russia postpones Bulava missile tests until November

US Agency Approves Nuclear Fuel Contract Between Russian Supplier And Minnesota Utility

Iran calls for Russia to support Teheran over its nuclear fuel exchange agreement

Russia invites Poland to participate in Baltic NPP construction

Rosatom applies to develop Namibian uranium deposit

Russia to invest $1 bln in Namibia uranium deposits

Russia says talks with Iran to continue regardless of UN sanctions

Nuclear cooperation deal to bring Russian technologies to U.S.

Russia says talks on Iran productive; urges measures

Questions remain over nuclear fuel deal with Iran - Medvedev

Medvedev to query Brazil president on enrichment deal with Iran

Improvement in Russian-Ukrainian relations does not hamper Ukraine's striving towards EU - Medvedev

Russia and Ukraine develop soured relations - Russian President

Emir of Kuwait plans first official visit to Russia

Icebreaker sets sail to rescue Russian polar explorers

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Core Catcher for Unit 3 has been delivered to the Construction Site of El-Dabaa NPP

Core Catcher for Unit 3 has been delivered to the Construction Site of El-Dabaa NPP

The vessel delivering the components of the Core Catcher for Unit 3 left the port of Novorossiysk and arrived to the construction site of the El-Dabaa NPP at the end of June.



Ma Wenjun also emphasized that CNNC has consistently upheld an open and collaborative approach, hoping to work together with international counterparts to accelerate the development of nuclear energy, contributing to addressing challenges such as climate change and nuclear safety.


Han Yongjiang

Han Yongjiang
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